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Getting started in Embers Adrift and on our forums


Stormhaven Studios
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Heya friends!
Greetings and welcome to our forums,
This is a little guide to get you started with useful information and resources to help you make this place your own.


We do have several videos that cover the basics of our game on our channels or some community members. Check them out on Youtube

If you prefer reading over watching videos, check out this very complete interview on MMORPG.com that explains our history, our goals, our design philosophy and what has already been accomplished.


  • Our community is very active on Discord! Consider joining our Discord server for everyday chat with the alpha/beta testers, our community, and the dev team.
  • We do have international forums and channels on Discord for our German, French and Spanish communities. We are ready to extend it to more languages if requested. We are organizing, communicating and moderating to the best of our capacity and with the help of Google Translate. Please be forgiving with language mistakes!
  • Feel free to introduce yourself on our forums and share about your currently played games here.


You can find our community on Twitch! Several of our alpha/beta testers are streaming regularly. Some of them are debuting streamers, give them a follow to help them out, and help our game to gain more visibility on Twitch. You know how this works: we need to please the algorithm gods with 'follow' offerings!

- And obviously, you can follow me at https://www.twitch.tv/elloawendy/about
Every Friday I host a Embers Adrift Community Show, starting at 4pm CET with 1 hour of discussions & 1 hour of exclusive gameplay


  • Be sure to join our Discord server. To be able to communicate in the beta channels, you need to activate your account.
    1. Find your game key in your account page
    2. Send a private message to our bot @TheDrifter with your game key (and only your game key as it's a bot.)

  • Be sure to use the /Report command for fast feedback and bug reports. This sends a direct message to a Slack channel warning all of the dev team.
  • Use the LFG tool (default keybind: O) to set up groups or the Global channel to reach out to players across all zones.
  • Embers Adrift can absolutely be played solo, but truly shines with a group. If you are a more social, less shy player, we are encouraging you to take a leader role and set up groups for players that are more timid and do not dare to seek groups! It's a great way to encourage the community to bond, and players to get used to socializing in game, something we have lost over the years with heavily solo focused games.

    I hope this little guide gets you started well! Embers Adrift main goal is to bring players together and allow them to bond and experience memorable adventures with friends! Let’s have fun together starting Here and Now.

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Hello Elloa!
The Discord link there says "Invite Invalid".
Is there a new link for it?


Stormhaven Studios
I edited the Discord server link, which hopefully shall not expire after 7 days as the old one ;)
You guys tell me if there is a problem with it! - THANK YOU!