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A look at our current stats.


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This is my knowledge as i understand things to be based on my experience and conversations with devs and other testers and is not complete.
So lets talk about stats. What are they and what do they do?

General Stats​

Movement - Determines how fast you move out of combat stance.
Combat Movement - Determines how fast you move in combat stance.
Haste - This determines how long your auto attack and other global cooldowns are.
Safe fall - Reduces the damage you take when you fall off of things.

Health Regeneration - The rate at which your health regenerates.
Stamina Regeneration - The rate at which your stamina regenerates.



Resilience - Saving throw. Rolls for a chance at not falling in combat upon reaching 0 health. Has an unknown cooldown.
Avoid -
Chance to avoid an attack. Negating all damage and effects. (Basically dodge)
Block - Chance to block an attack. Negating all damage and effects. (defender only)
Parry - Chance to parry an attack. Negating all damage and effects.
Riposte -
Chance to counterattack after a successful parry. (essentially an extra auto attack)


Hit - Increases chance to land a heavy or critical hit and reduces the chance of getting a glance or miss.
Penetration - Ignores some of the enemies armor dealing more direct damage to health.
Flanking - Increases your weapon positional bonus.


1 Hand Weapons - Increase your damage with 1h weapons
2 Hand Weapons - Increase your damage with 2h weapons
Ranged Weapons - Increase your damage with bows and crossbows.



Physical - reduce amount of physical damage taken
Chemical - reduce amount of chemical damage taken


Physical - reduce duration of physical debuffs
Chemical - reduce duration of chemical debuffs
Movement - reduce duration of movement debuffs


Confuse - reduce the duration of confuse effects
Daze - reduce the duration of daze effects
Stun - reduce the duration of stun effects

Other things to note
absorb. damage absorbed by armor from all roll sources. damage absorbed by armor contributes to the armor total % durability.

THR - threat generated.
Miss - attack missed and did not hit. effect does not take hold.
Glance - very little damage done, low chance of effect application.
Heavily Hits - extra damage. effects applied.
Critical Hit - lots of extra damage. effects applied.

Advantage - rolls an extra set of dice and chooses the higher roll
Disadvantage - same thing but chooses the lower roll.

Health and Armor weight gain per level is on a scale and can not be calculated precisely however you can do some simple math
(x-y)/a=z by looking at your class/spec tooltip to get a general idea of how much you will gain per level. This is where is says for example Defender level 1 +25 health (25 to 45), by the time you reach level 6 defender you will have gained 45 health (without gear etc boosting it) then your specialization for example Juggernaut +50 (50 to 100) by the time you reach juggernaut level 50 you will have gained 100 health. These are made up examples. The same applies to armor weight. If at level 1 defender it says +25 armor weight (25 to 45) it scales from 25-45 between levels 1 and 6 (and then from levels 6 to 50) (45-25)/6=3.333 per level, and it rounds down so you would gain roughly 3 armor weight per level.

What other things would you guys like to know more about?

please remember this is beta and everything here is subject to change.


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Does the Flanking stat boost class specific positional bonuses as well? Like the armor damage on support. And also, does it boost rear positional bonuses from weapons?