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Reagent Drops


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I have compiled a list of CURRENT known reagent drops. Missing a few. Will update as I get new information and with changes.
Each class only has 2 abilities that use reagents at this time. One base role ability and one specialization ability will use a reagent.

StrikerFading Strike - Numbing Agent Quillback, Emberfly, Rat, Ant, Mandrake
WardenVenom Strike - VenomSpider, Frog, Toad
BreserkerAssault - Hormones Stag/Buck, Wolf, Crab
BrigandStun - Sleeping DoseRat, Ant, Basilisk
DefenderProvoke - UrineBear, Toad, Turtle, Crocodile
JuggernautLiver OilBoar, Crocodile
MarshalHalt - TarMistwalker, Bat, Spider
SupporterFirstaid - SalveDoe, Bear, Mandrake
SentinelReplenish- TinctureWolf, Boar, Mire
DuelistPatch - IchorEmberfly, Ant, Rat
WarlordOpen Wound - SkinMistwalker, Bat, Raccoon
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Hi Alice,

A couple more for the list:

Doe: Pheromones (Knight)
Shoat: Tincture (same as a boar?)
Hulking Spider: Toxin (Warden)

These kills were in NNH.


Edit: added spoiler to stay off Undone's naughty list. :)
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I was thinking of doing the same thing. Glad I found this before I posted. I will give you what I have found so far. I know it's duplicating what you already have but it's just easier for me to post it this way.

Grub Bats: Skin & Tar
Spiders: Venom & Tar
Mandrakes: Salve & Numbing Agent
Deer: Pheromones & Hormones
Boar: Liver Oil & Tincture
Quillback: Pheromones & Numbing Agent
Bear: Salve & Urine
Crocodile: Liver Oil & Urine
Frog: Urine & Venom
Ridgeback: Skin & Urine
Emberfly: Numbing Agent & Ichor
Wolf: Hormones & Tincture
Raccoon: Skin & Urine
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Doesnt matter if I know what drops it and what doesnt, they need a whole rework on drop rates for some classes.