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New Drifter's Visual Guide to Harvesting


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If you just picked up your first harvesting skill and you're wondering "Now what?" you've come to the right place! It's not immediately obvious what you're looking for to put your shiny new -- er, rusty old tools to use, so I created this guide to help out other new gatherers get started because Darrimar Greenleaf, the Harvesting Trainer, doesn't give a lot of specific guidance. So now we're going to play Animal, Vegetable, Mineral... more or less... but first some general guidance.

You cannot tab target these gathering resources (unless you're a Hunter, and the resource you are looking for is a still-living creature to slaughter and harvest from once it's dead). You can't even mouse over them from a distance to see what they are. They look like scenery until you get close and then hover your mouse over them. The most important thing you need to learn is what you're looking for while you're out there in the world, because there are no glittery sparkles highlighting them or a mini-map with nearby nodes indicated. If you're expecting that sort of user interface assistance because of other games you've played, well, shelve those expectations.

I'll post some close-up and distance screenshots of each type of resource in Newhaven Valley. At least, I think I will. I'm new, and maybe I've missed something.

Each Harvesting profession has things to go hunt down in the world for materials.

For the Hunter, it's pretty obvious that one source of materials is animals you hunt down and kill; you can process those for meat and hides once they're dead. (For some reason, living animals seem not to take kindly to this.) But there are also pre-killed animal carcasses out in the wild. You can easily tell you're close to one because of the sound of flies buzzing around. Nice touch, that. Here are screenshots of Rotting Carcasses, minus the stink:

1681755483447.png 1681755501296.png

Foresters have THREE types of resources to look for and gather from -- logs, mushrooms, and flowers -- and are the reason I made this guide because I actually did not realize there were three for a while. You'll see a lot of tree stumps out and about, but they're just decorative. The logs you want are brown lumps that look a lot like carcasses (or living bears). Mushrooms are very small and difficult to see from a distance, and the flowers also do a good job of blending in with landscape vegetation. Here are my screenshots to get you started in finding them:

Up next is the Prospector, because of the limit in images I can insert in a single post plus me being too lazy to combine them into single images.
Prospectors can gather from ore or gem deposits. Gems seem to be much more rare than ore, but you can also gather gems sometimes from plain old ore, so there's that.

That's everything I've found in the newbie zone to hit with a pickaxe, chop with an axe, harvest with a sickle, or skin with a knife. Happy gathering!