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Types of Crafting Materials

Ravenwolf Silvermoon

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Hello. For this beta test build, have noticed there are more materials for us to use in crafting. And more stuff for us to add to our bag, inventory space and bank space. Its not official or anything when I say Tier. Its what I categorize those materials types and level. You may call it, term it, what ever you want. For me, I refer them as Tiers. For for this current Beta test build (March 2022), these are what's available in game.

Forestry has three types of plants: Flax, Cotton, and Ramie.
Forestry has five types of logs: Pine, Fir, Cedar, Oak, and Maple.
Forestry has four types of mushrooms: Penny Buns, Muddle, Spike Cap, and Cobalt Wax.

Hunting has three types of carcasses. Coarse, Rough, and Fair.

Prospector has three types of nodes: Copper, Tin, and Zink.
Prospector has three types of uncut gems: Malachite, Turquoise, and Topaz.

Crafting HarvestingItem NameItem NameItem Name
Forestry Tier 1Pine LogsPenny Buns MushroomFlax
Hunting Tier 1Coarse Carcass
Prospector Tier 1Copper NodeMalachite Uncut
Forestry Tier 2Fir Logs, Cedar Logs, Oak LogsMuddle, Spike, Cobalt Wax MushroomsCotton
Hunting Tier 2Rough Carcass
Prospector Tier 2Tin NodeTurquoise Uncut
Forestry Tier 3Maple LogsRamie
Hunting Tier 3
Prospector Tier 3Zink NodesTopaz Uncut
Forestry Tier 4
Hunting Tier 4
Prospector Tier 4

The levels on the items, indicate what level you can craft them.
To skin carcasses, you need to be that level in Hunting to skin them.You also need to be that level in Outfitter, Weaponsmith or Provisoner to craft them.
To chop downed logs, pick mushrooms and plants, you need to be that level in Forestry. You also need to be that level to craft items in Outfitter, Weaponsmith, or Provioner.
To mine ores, pick away at uncut gems, and refine them into ingots and gems, you need to be that level in Prospector.
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Hello. Of the three crafting harvesting skills, I wanted to see which has the least amount of space required when starting out. Not including crafting trade skills (Outfitter, Weaponsmith, Provisioner), which has a lot more sub component parts. As a gatherer, this is pretty much what you will encounter starting out.

Hunting, you pretty much have 18 different carcasses, not counting the scrap stuff (from fails).
Forestry, you have 16 items, not counting the scraps.
Prospector, you have 6 items.
These are the raw materials, not the refine items (like ingots, gems, meat, bones, leather, fur, wood, and so on).

As crafters, crafting items into weapons, armor, jewelry, cooked food, drinks/tea, and torches, you will have an array, wide selections of many sub materials, components to work with.
Arrows & Armor (leather and metal armor) seem to have the most combination involve, complexity. Mostly the different kind of leather strips, ingots, wood, you use to make hilts. The different kinds of leather, leather strips, thread, cloth to make armor. The different type of animal bones and tier of animal bones, ingots, wood, cloth type for arrows.

Tools and jewelry are pretty simple. One ingot type, one wood type for tools. One ingot type and or one gem type for jewelry.
Cooked meat is simple. Tea, is simple.
Ground torches are sort of simple (now that we can use seeds as oil, in addition to pine saps and coal). Fuel type (oil, saps, coal), cloth type (linen, cotton, ramie) and wood type (pine, fir, cedar, oak and maple).
Of course all or most to a lot of these may or may not be changed by the time game is ready. Still a lot of testing is needed. Wait till we get fishing :p

Coarse BoarPine Logs & Pine SapsCopper
Coarse BearFlax & Flax SeedsMalachite
Coarse DeerPenny Buns
Coarse Rabbit
Coarse Racoon
Coarse Wolf
Rough BoarFir LogsTin
Rough BearCedar LogsTurquoise
Rough DeerOak Logs
Rough RabbitMuddle Mushroom
Rough RaccoonSpike Cap Mushroom
Rough WolfCobalt Wax Mushroom
Cotton & Cotton Seeds
Fair BoarMaple LogsZink
Fair BearRamie & Ramie SeedsTopaz
Fair Deer
Fair Rabbit
Fair Racoon
Fair Wolf