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Random thoughts


New Member
Crafting still seems a bit too bland with a noted lack of ... for lack of better word ... uniqueness. Would it be possible to add another component to gear-related recipes to allow for reagents to be added? For example, adding 500 or 1000 numbing agents to a dagger to add a similar, permanent augment to said weapon. Wouldn't have to be exactly the same but something along those lines. You'd have to acquire enough of the reagent to apply to the gear as sort of a mini-(non)quest quest in order to earn such an upgrade, but it would make for more personalized weapons/armor/tools. Quantity would need to be high enough to gain a sense of achievement, but no so high that you outlevel the item before it can be crafted.

On a second topic, what types of stats would you like to see added to leather armor that warrant using that class of armor? Everyone seems to wear just metal or highest ac/aw at least.


Stormhaven Studios
Crafting will get specs at some point in the near future. These will have much more specialized recipes that should spice things up a bit for you.