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Your dream mmo


Helloall :)

The title is the entire topic, what would be your dream mmo.

If so, in what way Embers Adrift is closer to this dream mmo than any other mmo out there for you ?

In the other way, what features of EA make this game maybe miss the target for making it your dream mmo ? What would you change to make it so ?

I will answer soon about those questions from my own perspective, as soon as I get the will and time for a maybe big text :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Thanks for your time.
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3d world (not isometric overhead view),
lock targetting (aka tab targetting),
no mouse click spam attacking,
movement enabled using your choice of left+right mouse click or keyboard,
many races and classes,
big world,
a combat system that is complex enough that you should always be choosing your next attack rather than always using a predetermined order,
Content that is enough to last. If you have yearly expansions there should be enough content that it lasts the average player the full year without going to alts.
A culture where its possible to form and find groups even if you dont have a static group.


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Well I want to start off by saying I have not had a game keeping me thinking about it while at work since eq. I've been playing project 1999 for years to fill that old school mmo need.

You guys are a dangerous second. I was sad to find out there was no magic, but that wasn't a deal breaker for me. The crafting system is very cool and makes up for the magic feel.

The combat is pretty awesome as well.

In terms of what I would like to see out of this MMO is class specific and cross class quests that are impossible to attain solo and maybe have to travel all over. The idea of no quests hubs is amazing, but you need quests. Stay the course and don't put "!" Over quest givers. The beauty of eq is having to hunt them down and interact with as many NPCs as you can. A quest for an epic weapon that is different for every class that requires raids and the help of the guild to accomplish again would be great. Static world bosses on ridiculous timers to complete these quests keeps these items rare and creates a robust economy. No instances. Accomplishing an epic weapon quest in EQ was a huge milestone that was recognized by the community.

Camps with place holders with known names that spawn who drop rare and powerful items. I do like your static rare spawns, but known camp's add to reliability.

Factions for different races and factions for mobs! Working towards changing factions to get big quests done is another huge mile stone for character growth.

Make games difficult again!


Thank you very much for your fat juicy answers :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

What I would personnally love about an mmo is that it is both challenging and immersive.

An interesting, deep world in which you can get lost with your character and your real life time :))))))))))))))

I think it's nice to be an almost worthless character all alone, but being able to progress through the world with teammates, and a good communication. It's how good memories are done. There would be none if there is no challenge, no discovery, no beauty, no tragic :))))))))))))))


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My ideal MMORPG would be an open world sandbox, with a fantasy setting. Something more old school. Tab-targeted combat. No instances. Not fast-paced, flashy or action-based. A large map, with ample room for exploration, and big enough to accommodate player housing without becoming cluttered, preferably without fast travel (to promote exploration and more localized elements). A game that caters to various playstyles, but is not focused on one. No quests of any sort, but rather underlying systems that promote character interaction and give players a sense of agency. A plethora of elements to perhaps help foster immersion and encourage natural roleplay. In essence, anything that makes the world feel more alive. A player controlled economy with a robust crafting system that utilizes a host of resources that can be gathered in the world, much of it localized to certain areas. No starter zones or tutorials. Essentially, a game that fosters a sense of freedom, with room for various playstyles to come together; PvE, PvP, Crafting, etc. Looking for more of an experience I guess, than just something to play, kill the bosses, get the loot, etc. A world you can get lost in (figuratively and literally) and truly become your character.

World: A rich and vibrant world, with many small touches that really bring it to life; changing seasons, various biomes, region-specific mobs/resources. A diverse ecology, with as much AI behavior as is possible/feasible.

Style and Graphics: I prefer beautiful graphics, of course, though they need not be cutting edge or hyper-realistic. I rather like a stylized approach, and it does not matter if it is isometric or 3D. I find the graphics in Pathfinder: Kingmaker to be very warm and inviting, and feel that the world has a lot of character. Similarly, I love the graphical style of LOTRO, dated as it is. Embers Adrift is stunning, and it is the graphics and general look and feel of the game that initially drew my attention.

Progression: Skill-based as opposed to level-based. Slow skill gains, and slow pace in general. Classless, but with certain checks in place- such as not being able to use magic while wearing heavy armor and certain types of weapon- to preserve the old school “D&D” fantasy aesthetic. Limited overall skill cap, whereby a single character can only master a certain number of skills, to encourage specialization. One character per server, to prevent mules, and other similar elements, as well as to encourage investing in one's character and help establish a more balanced economy.

Payment model: Purchase the initial game and a monthly subscription thereafter. No microtransactions of any kind; PTW, cosmetic, or otherwise. Possible Game-related issues aside, there is just something off-putting about the FTP model, in all its incarnations, at least for me. I prefer one set fee for everyone, so the field is level. All items either found on mobs or player-crafted.

Content: No overriding narrative. No static quests. Rather existing dungeons and other areas, with a high degree of randomized elements. Inclusion of various systems whereby characters can interact with one another as well influence the world. Likewise, the game should be challenging and require interaction and cooperation.

But again, this is my dream MMORPG. While Embers Adrift is not going to tick all of these boxes, I find the concept intriguing and the world beautiful, and look forward to its release.


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I would like a new original Everquest pre all the expansions lol- with the New World Engine but adding climbing better crafting etc. The terrain of new world is really good and gives you a great feel of openness and realism. Heck I would settle for a remake with the new engine. Their updated engine is just terrible. To me Everquest is one of those games that you just cannot help going back to over and over etc. Just my 2 cents.

Adding these elements to the game:
PvP that DAOC has. Good Realm vs Bad Realm vs Monster Realm or something to that likes
Housing like they were going to have in Everquest next as the concept was totally cool and fun to play. That's money i will never see again lol.

Oh and for goodness sakes make sure you Test and test and test the game to capacity and ensure it is ready for launch.