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What are you playing currently?


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mmo: LOTRO, DDO, ESO, Embers Adrift, Fallen Earth Classic, Aion Classic

Co-op online: Vermintide

Solo: Pathfinder Kingmaker, Pillars of Eternity 2, Divinity Original Sin, Warhammer Chaosgate Demon Hunters, Phoenix Point -- Trying to finish RPGs before Baldurs Gate 3 comes out.

Tabletop: Pathfinder 2 - foundry vtt.

outside real world: Golf

Unfortunately work prevents my time form most of the above. Hopefully all these games are around when I retire.


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We are all gamers at heart first, and if it become or trade, it's for the love of it! So let's speak about our favourites games and what we currently plays and enjoy!
100% enjoyment and appreciation thread. We leave the boring, annoying stuff at the door, for the rainy days
Im only playing Embers Adrift, I stopped playing Eve Online, because as a super capitol pilot in Panfam i needed a break. Toink


I've been playing a lot of Wartales lately. It's a really nice, relaxing way to completely lose track of time.


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Im only playing Embers Adrift, I stopped playing Eve Online, because as a super capitol pilot in Panfam i needed a break. Toink
Strangely I've also stopped playing Eve to play EA, although I was living in a wh.


I really only play two games right now, Embers on my PC, and RAID: Shadow Legends on my phone. I do still dabble in Lord of the Rings Online and the original Guild Wars occasionally and also enjoy the Football Manager game series. I really don't play anything else right now, I'm the kind of person who just focuses on one primary game until I get bored of it generally.


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I've been bouncing a lot.
I'm more or less all caught up on FFXIV, so I've been taking a break.
I'm also more or less caught up on GW2, so I'm also taking a break lol

I have a hard time playing anything that isn't an MMO for more than a day.

My partner and I have been trying to climb ranked in League of Legends but the toxicity is honestly draining me.

I really enjoyed EA during the free weekend, but the $25CAD/mo sub fee was really hurting, so I took a break.
I saw that the price went down so I decided to sub back up. Now I'm trying to convince my partner to join.

So, all of that is to say: Embers Adrift is what I'm playing.