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What are you playing currently?


Iam play the extreme opposite from Amber Drift. Escape from Tarkov a hardcore Shooter, with quests, looting and crafting.


I am mainly playing board games, and mainly on boardgamearena.com, while I wait for a new MMO to play :) I've tried other games but just can't really get into them. I want a place to call home, a place where my character can live and start having his own long term story. Can't wait :)


Stormhaven Studios
At the moment I'm really looking forward NewWorld. I think it will be a nice transition for me from my current way of gaming (mostly on stream, & mostly solo) to group & community oriented gaming. It's a very long time I've not build a community within a game, and I would like to warm up a bit for Embers Adrift :D It has been a long time....


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Lately I have gone back to AdventureQuest 3D. Just wanted a more relaxed MMO to fill my downtime and just enjoy running around exploring the near areas they add. It does not have any real depth to it, but it can be really enjoyable and very funny too.

real changeling

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I've been getting back into Tales of Maj'eyal after having other stuff to do. It's a single player roguelike, but it has a global chat. The chat is unusually friendly and helpful
What am I playing? I am playing a ton!

My wife and I fell down the board game rabbit hole during the pandemic and have amassed quite the collection. We both enjoy these games for different reasons; I have really been taken by how different mechanics change the feel of each game and what kind of impact they have on interactions with others at the table. There's just something special about a board game that has extremely simple rules yet provides a huge decision space to explore. Current favorites are Sleeping Gods, Eclipse Second Dawn for the Galaxy, Babylonia, and The Quest for El Dorado.

But if you are asking about video games - then my current goto is a flight simulator by the name of Digital Combat Simulator (DCS). Growing up I always wanted to be a fighter pilot, but having any form of color blindness makes the chances of that happening quite low. I fell out of love with aviation for a while until I was able to experience a study-level flight sim in VR and it blew my mind. I now fly fighter jets in virtual reality every Tuesday night with friends.
Nice! Doing DCS myself and I just resubbed to Final Fantasy XI. It isn't Ember's, but it's chock full of nostalgia and DCS scratches my Navy veteran itch. :)


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Rocket League was a semipro, new world lost ark soon. I just discover mmorpg since early 2021 and i wish the best for this game. That's sure i will try the alpha one.


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I recently went back to ESO after not playing for almost 2 years. I wanted to focus on reading and growing as a person. But I did dabble in a lot of mobile games and I also played New World for a while.


I have been playing some myth of empires, but its not really my style, but I'm thirsty for games right now. Inscryption was a fun divergence tho.

Stellaris with my online peeps. Starfinder with my local peeps.
Co-op board /card games are my jam, subterra apocrypha, pathfinder card game, all of the versions of arkham horror/ eldritch horror, the new unfathomable ( and the older battlestar galactica its based on)


These days...No Man's Sky in VR. However, for the bast few years, I have mostly been playing Neverwinter Online .. thousands of hours (and thousands of Euros spent on it, but that's another story). I finally gave up on that game a couple of months ago, when I came to the conclusion that a series of bad decisions by the devs had changed the game too much for my liking - it simply had lost most of the features that appealed to me originally.

So, yea...I am looking for something new...a MMO PvE RPG...hoping that Embers Adrift will turn out to be something I like.


I recently went back to EQ2 after almost 4 years and OMG I'm hooked again! Despite all the flaws (and there are many) I just can't stop loving the world and the infinite amount of things to do.


I'm all over the road...at heart I've always been a turn based games player...some of my favorites were/are MOO 1-2, Master of Magic, the HoMM series, Civ, X-Coms, Eador, Battletech etc.
As for mmos I've been really lucky over the years because I was in the alpha/betas for almost all the bigger games since EQ1 (they called it 'phases' in those days and I got in because I happened to meet the artist for the manual and box...Keith Parkinson and he told me where to write) and I got in both Asheron's Call(s) and so on...only one I missed and really wanted to try/test was TOR. In WoW they hadn't added the Hunters in yet and the plan was for the Tauran to have the 'plainsrunning' skill rather than mounts but that didn't work out so we got kodos. Anyway, today I jump between ESO, TOR, FFXIV, and LoTRO and World of Warships on the PS4 and WoT Blitz. And remember...no matter where you go....there you are.


The Metro Trilogy on pc, after reading thousand pages of the book trilogy, nice to connect them both

Padre Adamo

Sea of Thieves with my playgroup and teaching my daughter how to play some CCGs that I loved like Warlord. Desperately waiting for the next Guild Wars 2 expansion, should be soon and Embers Adrift!


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In all honesty, Ultima Online - Second Age with playing 'The Forest' here and there for some diversity. I've even went so far as to get Shining Force I and II (old Sega) from Steam, and have been playing those some.