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What are you playing currently?


New Member
Iam play the extreme opposite from Amber Drift. Escape from Tarkov a hardcore Shooter, with quests, looting and crafting.


New Member
I am mainly playing board games, and mainly on boardgamearena.com, while I wait for a new MMO to play :) I've tried other games but just can't really get into them. I want a place to call home, a place where my character can live and start having his own long term story. Can't wait :)


Stormhaven Studios
At the moment I'm really looking forward NewWorld. I think it will be a nice transition for me from my current way of gaming (mostly on stream, & mostly solo) to group & community oriented gaming. It's a very long time I've not build a community within a game, and I would like to warm up a bit for Embers Adrift :D It has been a long time....


Active Member
Lately I have gone back to AdventureQuest 3D. Just wanted a more relaxed MMO to fill my downtime and just enjoy running around exploring the near areas they add. It does not have any real depth to it, but it can be really enjoyable and very funny too.