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Welcome to our World Breakers!!!


Stormhaven Studios
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Welcome to all our WORLD BREAKER event testers!

Thank you for registering! Thank you for testing our game! Thank you for helping break our servers!

To all of you who are new to Embers Adrift, a few words to get you started most comfortably!

  • You are most welcome on our DISCORD server. We have organized a few channels for your use, including voice chat that you are free to use to hangout with your friends

Thing you must know:

  • There is no quest in the game at the moment. (Except the tutorial quest. Quests are currently being worked on and will be implemented soon. Roads and camps are guarded, you can ask our guards for directions and other helpful information; they will also kill any hostile creatures you bring them.
  • There is no mini-map and no compass. There is a map, [M]. This is a design decision and more information on this can be found in this thread.
  • If you encounter lag and disconnection, it means you are doing a great job stressing the servers and finding pain points. This data is invaluable. Thank you!
  • If you have any questions, you can use the global channel or the zone channel by typing /gl or /z. The community is very helpful and willing to guide you. I, Elloa, will also be present in the game to welcome you during most of the weekend!

I hope you will all have fun in Embers Adrift!
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