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Stormhaven Studios
I've decided to put together a quick FAQ that will expand as development progresses and more questions come up.

Why does the game not include a compass?
Currently there are no plans to add a traditional N/E/S/W compass to the game. From a design standpoint I have found that the inclusion of any sort of arrow that you can follow has the subtle effect of disconnecting the player from the world. Instead of learning the region, landmarks, and layout of the land, players end up starring at a UI element telling them which way to run.

With that being said however, we do have plans to provide a more organic indicator of direction to the game world. Unfortunately, I cannot implement these ideas until we upgrade our engine to a later version which has proved problematic for a number of different reasons. Until these ideas are implemented and in your hands we will be making no further considerations on a traditional compass.

Note that we do offer you two compasses in the form of you backpack tracker and one for each group member. These compasses differ from the traditional compass in that they point to dynamic locations rather than a fixed direction.
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