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State of the Game: The King’s Keep

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State of the Game: The King’s Keep

“He’s betrayed me. He promised me retribution and vengeance. He promised me blood; the blood of Newhaven’s Council and the people who stood by and watched as I was exiled. I was ripped away from my brother’s slain corpse for defending it with my blood, though it mingled with those who slew him… I must have more blood.

Now with that boy here he’s delayed the attack to learn more about these stupid monoliths… We already have a way into the valley through the Central Veins. A way that I took such great pains to pave… He had best take care not to delay too long or perhaps the Bloody Baron will become the Bloody King!”
- The Bloody Baron


As always we truly appreciate the support and feedback of our community. Now that we are Buy-to-Play with an optional subscription, subscriptions become even more important for the long-term success of Embers Adrift.

Embers Adrift is a challenge-driven MMORPG where players are not required to pay a subscription, but we greatly appreciate it. Just by purchasing you can experience over 1000 hours of entertainment available to a single character. With quests that have multiple outcomes, hundreds of rare mobs and thousands of rare/quest items, and a steady stream of new content coming out it’s never been easier to find long-term entertainment for just $29.99 (tax not included). If you bought the game, but haven’t been playing, we’d love for you to come back and check out all the new stuff at no extra charge! Please subscribe to support the indie team, become the Heroes of Stormhaven, and open additional character slots for even more hours of entertainment.
You can support us by buying the game HERE for yourself or for a friend, and subscribing as time goes on. You can also purchase a month of game time for your friends who may not have an active subscription. We also have a MERCH SHOP and a SOUNDTRACK if you'd like to support us in other ways. As a small company trying to go against the grain by not focusing on maximum monetization of our player-base we want to say a huge “thank you” to our subscribers, your support means so much to us.

Now onto the Update info:
Brief Recap:

Here is a brief list of what we added last month:
  • New Region: Highland Hills for players in their 20s and 40s
  • New Creature: The Woodclaimed
  • Buy-to-Play monetization change + perks
  • Interactable lore objects - gotta find ‘em all!
  • QoL customizations for nameplates and more
  • More environmental audio
  • New/Improved abilities
  • and more…
You can read the detailed patch notes for the above here. Join us as we expand the Embers Adrift world and uncover the lore of its past with each monthly update. Now, onto the new updates for the King’s Keep.
New Stuff:

The King’s Keep and a quest culminating a storyline that has been developing since the very early levels of our players’ journeys. Come find out what is going on in the “Realm” of the “King” and discover the story behind this complex character. The King’s Keep features several new rare mobs and some newly introduced combat encounter tech that will keep you on your toes. This content is level 40+ and the story starts at around level 2.

We’ve updated our engine version which adds even more performance enhancements to the Embers Adrift experience. We are always working to make our game smoother as we go forward.

We’ve added several new equipment visuals including the community’s highly requested “Assassin Pauldrons” custom visuals, as well as some new equipment based on our Drolsc’s scales, and new weapon sets.

We’ve added new lore object interactables and another quest called the Koldire Legacy which harkens to an epic tale of Captain Koldire’s grandsire from the early days of Newhaven’s founding and the founding of the City Guard.

We’ve added “Well Traveled Roads” to the game to make travelling on main thoroughfares from zone to zone more quick - it also stacks with the Warden’s speed buff “Lay of the Lands.”

An emergency item recovery system has been implemented for cases where players have to abandon their bag, but have one or a few really special items in their bag they want to recover. It’ll cost you, but go visit Filtch Morratis by the sewers in Newhaven and see if you can stand the stench.

To read the full list of patch notes please visit this link and you can check out a video showcase for this patch made by Elloa HERE.
As we iterate from patch to patch, adjusting current content and adding new content, we are asking our community to keep the feedback coming and to please be patient with us as we make adjustments. Thank you all!

Stay tuned into our YouTube channel, our TWITTER, and our DISCORD server for info about our new content and latest news.
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