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LIVE July 25th; what's new?


Stormhaven Studios
What's new?
This month brings a number of bug fixes, an engine update, and a few big QoL improvements. This includes a speed buff on well traveled roads and a way to recover items from a forfeited bag.

Bug fixes / improvements:
  • Tech
    • Updated Unity and dependencies to the latest minor revision. This should yield minor performance improvements and bug/crash fixes.
    • Fixed: Auras now consider the source's adventuring level when determining which should be applied when multiple are active in a group. You will always get your own aura while others will get the highest level aura available.
    • Added additional target points for Drolscs so they can more easily be attacked from the sides and rear.
    • Added an AFK timer to character selection and creation of 15m, after which you will be automatically logged out.
  • Environment / Art
    • Fixed stuck spots in Northreach, Central Veins, Ember Veins, Dryfoot Stronghold, Forgotten Depths, Highland Hills, and Grimstone Canyon.
    • Fixed minor animation issues with Drolscs (there is still one lingering anim issue with the end of one of their attacks)
    • Fixed lighting issues with fir trees in Highland Hills.
    • Added new visuals for Assassins Shoulders
    • Moved some trees in the Meadowlands' Ember Oasis to increase visibility of the egress point.
  • UI:
    • Fixed: do not trigger need/greed/pass key presses while typing in chat.
    • Fixed: loading screen now shows when returning to selection or login.
    • Fixed: abilities and consumables now use the proper server-corrected date time to display timing information (cooldowns, etc). This should correct for any discrepancies between the server and your local system time.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed non-subscribers to split items into a non-subscriber bank slot.
    • Fixed a bug that was deselecting targets when hitting your keybind for next or previous target when only one valid target was available.
    • Added a toggle to game options called "Deselect Single Target on Next/Prev Target" which will revert the above fix.
    • Removed date, time, and season information from the globe tooltip on chat windows. This tooltip now only includes ping, social connection status, zone, and zone instance.
    • Added Sun/Moon icons to chat windows to indicate if it is day or night. The tooltip for this icon now includes the time, date, season, and an approximate game time for the next two sunrise/sunset events.
    • Added a red line to merchant buyback items to indicate how much time is remaining before they expire.
  • Design:
    • Doubled targeting forgiveness angle from 30 to 60 degrees. At the start of executing an ability the angle requirements are the same, but as the execution time reaches 0 the angle expands by 60 degrees. Note that we are working on further improvements to the entirety of the execution system but are not ready to share details yet.
    • King's Potion now includes Daze Resist.
    • Increased the speed in which Mandrakes, Mangroves, and Woodclaimed can spot players.
    • Mantor's Shield (Scales of the Mantor) given new visuals.
    • Player and NPC stuns/roots/fears now break on mental damage (such as from the ability Despair).
    • Cleaned up out of bounds resource and chest spawns for Northreach Ember Veins.
    • Vendors now sell multiple levels of water for crafting teas with. This water, similar to bottles for potions, will require the higher level material level water for crafting higher level teas. This resolves the issue with teas not granting experience at higher levels.
    • Fixed NPC Followthrough animation putting their weapons through their body.
    • Fixed NPC Fury ability not buffing all damage types.
    • Fixed issue with Ashen Drolsc hitting weaker than expected.
    • Reduce damage on Scorpion's Pursue ability Venom Shot
    • Blighted Forsaken spotted in Northern Highland Hills.
    • Warden's Venom Strike execution time reduced to 1s.
    • Duelist's Hemo Strike can now proc off over time effects as well as direct hits.
    • Added a new Sentinel ability Overprovision at level 20. This ability is obtainable from the Sentinel merchant in Newhaven City. This is a group buff that lasts for 30 seconds; if a player is hit while the buff is applied it will be consumed giving that player a brief heal over time.
  • Quests / Lore:
    • Added several NPCs to Highland Hills to replace old merchant tables.
    • Added more lore documents for players to find.
    • Added the quests "Irreconcilable Differences" and "The Koldire Legacy".
    • Fixed numerous dialogue errors and typos.
    • Fixed one of Archie Swish's quest start options not starting the quest.
    • Fixed the Grim Brothers' missing portraits.
New stuff:
Well Traveled Roads
This month we are introducing well traveled roads which provide a +15 movement buff while traveling on them. This buff stacks with lay of the land and can be found in most zones north of the wall. Think of them as quasi-highways connecting monoliths and zone lines together.


A couple of quick notes:
  • This buff is indicated by a new icon on your nameplate similar to the campfire effect. This means that the +15 movement will not be reflected on your player's stat sheet.
  • The buff is only active when your weapons are put away.
  • This effect is entirely absent from Newhaven Valley. There are a few reasons for this. One of which is that it's just another bit of information that could lead to early confusion for new players. Another is that it would likely immediately lead to a negative feeling if players start ON the road with this buff and almost immediately lose it when you head off to adventure. We simply have not had the time to properly "introduce" this mechanic to players via quest/unlock/etc so we simply exclude the valley for now.
  • Grimstone Canyon does not have any well traveled roads because of the overly linear nature of the layout.
  • If you feel a road should be well traveled yet it is not feel free to report it. However, do not expect us to necessarily add it. These are meant to act as main thoroughfares that are somewhat limited.

Emergency Bag Item Recovery
We have added a new merchant to Newhaven City that can help recover bag items in emergencies. Now, when you forfeit your bag, all items that were in your bag become available to purchase from this merchant for 2 hours from the time of forfeit. The cost of each individual item is inflated due to a "finders fee" that scales with your level. Recovering all of your bag contents in this fashion can become quite expensive and is only recommended as a last resort. Items in your bag will show their "Recovery Cost" on their tooltips while your bag is missing.

A few key notes about this feature:
  • Items do not show on this merchant until your bag is forfeited.
  • Items are available for 2 hours from the time of forfeit.
  • A stack of items is considered a single "item" and the entire stack must be purchased at one time.
  • The finder's fee scales up with your adventuring level. Items for higher level players will cost a great deal more.
  • This service is for emergencies only. We hope that this never has to be utilized but feel that its presence can at least provide some peace of mind.
  • If you have to use this service it is not intended that you purchase your entire bag back. It is purposely overpriced; recovering your bag is still the preferred method of recovering your items.
  • This service is for emergencies only.
  • This service is for emergencies only.

NPC Combat Positioning Adjustment
We have made some adjustments to NPC positioning during combat. They will now attempt to back up if their target is within their "personal space". We have also made a number of adjustments to their acceleration and deceleration parameters to increase the accuracy of their stopping point. Note that some larger creatures can occasionally get caught in a forward<-->backward loop (mainly ravens and Drolscs); when this happens simply back up slightly and they should settle in. We are still working on improving this issue.

Hunting Log Delay
Apologies to everyone but the Hunting Log did not make the cut this month. We wanted to make sure that the data structure was correct before launching it to avoid any potential data migrations in the future. In short: we have expanded the functionality of the hunting log which required us to store information in the database a bit differently. It is currently on track for an August release so keep an eye out for it on QA!
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I really dislike the AFK timers when it happens I lose all my chat logs and waste time to log back in and might just go play something else. Can we get a toggle in options to remove them? Would encourage me to play alot more.