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LIVE June 27th; what's new?


Stormhaven Studios
What's new?
With this month's patch we have officially migrated to a buy-to-play product with an optional subscription. Anyone who has previously purchased the game can hop in and explore without a monetary commitment. Those who choose to subscribe will gain access to a number of perks and the gratitude of Stormhaven Studios. Subscriptions allow us to continue developing Embers Adrift; please consider subscribing if you are enjoying the experience.

This patch also includes a new overland zone focused on levels 20-25 and 40-45, a number of UI improvements, and the usual bug fixes.

Bug fixes / improvements:
  • Tech
    • Fixed: we now prevent target changes via left click when the mouse is hidden while holding right click.
    • Fixed: we now prevent the camera from zooming when the application is not focused
    • Fixed: prevent the player from zoning when at zero health. This previously could happen if you were knocked unconscious while attempting to zone.
    • Fixed an exception that could be thrown when a player zoned/logged off while someone had a context menu open for them.
    • Added "Sheath Weapons after Combat" toggle to the gameplay options. This will automatically sheath your weapons when the in combat swords drop off of your nameplate.
    • Windows clients now include PDB files for better crashlog reporting. This adds a tiny bit to the download but should help us diagnose crashes more easily.
  • Environment / Art
    • Fixed stuck spots in Newhaven City and Forgotten Depths
    • Fixed: masked out lower body for lay-of-the-land animation.
    • Adjusted LODs on a number of environmental props.
    • Dryfoot environmental updates.
  • Audio
    • Added footstep audio clips for Sand, Leaves, Mud, and Gravel.
  • UI:
    • Fixed an issue with item looted messages when the window was closed immediately after looting.
    • Renamed "Leave Combat after Looting" toggle to "Sheath Weapons after Looting"
    • Fixed augments to specify "Head or Curiass" instead of "Head or Chest"
    • Moved "Duel" on player context menus to the bottom of the list.
    • Social & Group notifications now allow you to right click on the player name for a context menu.
    • Crafting Window:
      • Window name now reflects the current state (no station, at station, at portable station).
      • Added "Hide Uncraftable" toggle to the crafting window. This will hide any recipes that cannot currently be crafted (very helpful at the portable crafting station)
  • Design:
    • Fixed: Rosefield Hauberk now only requires 1 chain mesh (not 4).
    • Fixed: Watery Mire can no longer go ashen.
    • Fixed: mandrake's "Screech" ability should no longer stack.
    • Fixed some water navigation issues in Grimstone Canyon.
    • Crafted non-imbued arrows/bolts of the same tier can now stack.
    • Crafted Arrow & Bolt output quantities have been doubled.
    • Increased Northreach Torturer and Overseer spawn rates.
    • Muckrippers now have a tail whip attack.
    • Berserker ability Guts cooldown increased from 2m to 4m.
    • Additional dice mod reduced on Pine Counterweight Augments.
    • Damage Resistances from Potions reduced.
    • Damage Resistances from Armor Augments reduced.
    • King's Potion now only provides offensive stats.
  • Quests / Lore:
    • Fixed: typo in weaponsmith quest.
    • Added a number of static lore items throughout the game which can be interacted with to learn a bit more. These new items can be found in Newhaven Valley, Northreach, Central Veins, Meadowlands, and Redshore Forest.
New stuff:
Positional Display
We have once again revamped how we display positional bonuses. Instead of relying on a color scheme that can get lost in the background we are now using three separate arrow graphics: filled, half-filled, and empty. The filled arrow represents the weapon's highest contribution, the half-filled will represent the middle contribution, while the empty arrow will represent the lowest or no contribution. In the case of the example below the highest contribution (125%) comes from the side positional, while the middle contribution (100%) comes from the rear. Note that how we determine high/mid/low has changed from the weapon value to the positional contribution.

Additional Overhead Nameplate Customizations
We have added a number of toggles to give you more control over what components of overhead nameplates are displayed for whom. You can now independently toggle names (which includes Titles, Guilds, and targeting graphics) and stat bars for yourself, players in your group, players in your guild, other players (not in your group nor guild) and NPCs. The priority for determining which setting takes hold for other players is group, then guild, then other players.

NOTE that all of your previous settings for this have been "reset" to the above default values.

Quest Log Task Display Improvements
The presentation of tasks in the quest log has been updated for improved readability. Incomplete tasks show an empty checkbox while completed tasks show a checked box with faded text.

Highland Hills
The once beautiful hills and forests of the Highlands have been marred both by a strange blight and the subsequent fire that was an attempt to eradicate this plague, sadly it blazed out of control burning it all to the ground. Years after the fire the Highlands seem to enjoy a strange sort of beauty and tranquility, but under the surface a rage boils and the blight continues to ravage these hills...

Highland Hills is a new outdoor scene that provides solo/duo/group content for levels 20-25, and 40-45. This includes new uncommon and rare spawns, along with a new set list of music, new map, and monolith to discover. This zone can be accessed via Meadowlands and Redshore Forest.


Sightings of a new creature roaming Highland Hills has been reported to the Rangers Guild. Below is an artists' rendition. Use caution when approaching as we know little about them.


Buy-to-Play transition and Subscriber Perks
With this month's patch Embers Adrift is migrating to a Buy-to-Play model with an optional subscription. This means that you can play the game without a subscription while those who choose to subscribe will have access to a few perks. Most of which are highlighted throughout the game in purple. Some of the details are as follows:

Active Characters1 active character.5 active characters
Bank Slots5 slots per row.8 slots per row
Portraits8 available215 available
SocialNo perks* Access to the subscriber chat channel. Use "/subscriber" or "/sub".
* Icon next to your name in chat indicating that you are a subscriber.
TitlesNo perks* Overhead titles will be colored purple.
* Access to the "Hero of Stormhaven" title.
EmotesNo perksExpanded emote access.
Ember Ring EnhancementBenefits from a subscriber being near the ring.When near an Ember Ring you will enhance the rate at which players heal. This is indicated by additional VFX.
Portable Crafting StationCan use a nearby portable crafting station.Can deploy a portable crafting station on a 1hr cooldown.
Access to the QA ServerNoYes

  • The first time you log in without a subscription you will be required to select an "active" character. Once this character is chosen they will be your active character and all others will be "inactive" until a subscription is reactivated - at which point all characters will be activated. In other words: if you want to change which of your characters is active you will have to subscribe for at least one month.
  • Bank slots refers to both the personal and shared banks.
  • Any items in a subscriber-only bank slot can be removed at any time by a non-subscriber. However, they cannot place new items in these slots. Slots are denoted by a purple outline.
  • The commands "/emotes" and "/listemotes" will show which emotes are available. Purple emotes are subscriber only.
  • The portable crafting station only allows for crafting smaller items such as food, drink, potions, arrows, bolts, augments, and repair kits.
  • The portable crafting station can be deployed from a button called "Portable" next to "Deconstruct". This deployment is on a 1hr cooldown.
  • Portable crafting stations will stay put until the area around them has no players for 3m.
  • Additional subscriber only portraits, titles, and emotes will be added in the future.

  • Fixed tinting on Vengeful armor
  • Fixed typo in loading tip
  • Fixed character select "enter world" button not being visible on ultra wide monitors
  • Adjusted color of subscriber channel (I am currently working on some tech to allow you to specify your own colors) * Update a static Highlands music track to a dynamic track
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Incredibly happy to see a new zone get released!!! Can not wait to try out Highlands!
Huge thank you to the devs for shifting highlands to a 20-25 and a 40-45 zone instead of keeping it a 30-40 zone as originally planned!!!! This is a great move for the health of the game and overall player progression by removing 2 of the current largest content gaps in one shot! Great job guys can't wait to see the zone get fleshed out with quests and lore :)