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Quest journal/log


New Member
Will the game have quest journal/log in the release?

For me this is the biggest issue as I don't want to memorize things as player. Quest journal, monster encyclopedia etc. are things that character knows and remembers and I don't want to go to back to the days of Morrowind, where you had to make pages of notes to know where you are going. If the answer is no, then it is a easy pass for me.

Otherwise I have been positively surprised and I like the slow pace of combat, making it less reflex-based and lets you plan things instead of just rolling your face on the keyboard.
afaik they plan to add a questlog, i'm also struggling with the quest about the missed person/apprentice in new haven valley, it seems i found soumething and need to turn back and investigate more, but i dont even know where i had find the cues about it.
Yes! We are working on a UI for quests; in the mean time however, you can use the chat command “/listobjectives” to get a debug summary if your current quests.