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Feedback Open Beta Feedback

is this feedback?


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Playing testing from this weekend, feedback. I have not played seriously for some time so figured it was time for more feedback as I did play this weekend for about 20hrs.
I played a Supporter to Sentinel and used a Defender/Striker alts for mostly gathering.

Note: I noticed a few small bugs, they are at the end.

I know that Quality of Life (QOL) stuff often gets looked at last in games, and I don't really agree with this - My list is mostly stuff like that. I think doing something for a little QOL for players is really important from time to time.

I have to say that as of now, the game feels much more like EQ than in the past. I really like the loot drop changes, pace of combat, named mobs with place holders/having rare loot, making crafting more important but still having dropped gear, it still being mostly group focused but being able to solo a bit if you want and the game looks great too.


-Night cycles seem a bit long.
-Would be nice to be able to use a torch in offhand if you so choose. When everyone fights it gets really dark! I think ground torches are meant for this but early on it could be helpful to have an alternative. For example, I was in several groups in CV and you move around too much really to use a ground torch, I never saw one used. But it did bother me being plunged into the dark in combat, made it a bit unreasonable tactically. With this being said, it's not dark dark everywhere in a dungeon (thanks for that) but, yeah.
-Another idea - Lanterns being able to be attached to banners, or your belt. Could be support only even? Seems very much a support role to provide light.

Fall damage seems a bit extreme.


Why does Warlord have 10 skills and the other two have 8? Makes it kind of hard to pick the other support roles imo - especially as they start with two at lvl 6 and the others start with one.

I'd really like to use a staff but supporter doesn't get any frontal bonuses for their role. Seems a bit odd that one of the weapons they use has a bonus that does not stack with the others. Maybe spread the bonuses around for staff instead of only +30 frontal?

Sentinel - would love to see them be able to use bucklers, or shields in general. I feel this class is meant to be the tankier healer. Or offtank healer.

Marshal seems the least interesting and their skill descriptions are not exciting. Note: I have not played Marshal - just explaining the hover-over when you look at the Marshal class doesn't seem that great compared to the others. For example, the first three abilities don't mention that they do damage, if they don't that seems not good. Maybe just make the descriptions a little more exciting I guess is what I'm saying? I know this could be considered highly subjective here; just my thoughts.

Dungeon Feedback

CV1 (I did not get a go at CV2)

Some midway hallow points where you will die closer to your lost bag would be nice.
For dungeons only, maybe a wisp that leads you to your bag along with the arrow? Perhaps a pillar you can interact with that will turn it on and even cost something somehow or have a rest timer for use? IE> Would add a "buff" bag finder and if you zone buff would be gone, this could restrict it to dungeons only. As the dungeon areas are large and bit like a maze plus there being no map; I think this would help.

I'd like to be able to see what level my skills upgrade, or more information when they do. Right now when you level, you just have to check all your skills and see if they are now XX ability II or III.

I understand crafting is changing. If not already, please consider making it so you can at the very least get the harvesting skills you need along with one or two crafting professions. For example: Finally got level 6 in skinning, got outfitter. Can't make anything at all as I need mining or harvester. So now I'm stuck unless I make an alt (which I did) or trade for things with players. The problem is, you are trading things you need to craft with most likely.

I think it's fine your proposed crafting changes, but I am curious if harvesting will stay the same - also how many crafting professions you will be able to have - I need a bit more info to give better feedback on the proposed changes.

Consider having an ability each harvesting profession gets that will light up nearby harvestable items. This would be especially helpful at night. Flax is the easiest to see at night, maybe make the others easier to see also, or add an ability?

Gathering bag
Can you make it a gathering/crafting bag? Would be nice to store the refined materials in it as well (with the exception of armor/weapons). Talking about the refined components, leather, thread, etc.

I turned so many things down before I figured out grass shadows were a large culprit. I especially noticed it at night near an ember ring or other light sources. Framerate suffered greatly.I have a 3080 TI ..consider maybe tweaking that setting heavily or simple removing it? It was really jarring and I think it may put off new players to have such a hitch in performance like that. To your credit, it does say it's extremely taxing. I'm not sure how it got turned on in the first place honestly.

Even with that off and setting things "High Performance" mode and turning most things off, it struggled to keep 60FPS - So for sure some tweaking needed here if possible.

Storage/Anvil Interactables
Maybe have these light up a bit when you get close or have a sign next to them saying what they are? I see a lot of newbies asking where to find these kinds of simple things. It's a step in the right direction adding NPC's to make some of the others more visible but it seems storage/repair was kind of left out here.

Possible Bugs

UI (Possible Bug)
In 1440P the settings wheel (top-right) the hitbox for it is odd, you have to come at it from the bottom a bit or from the right. The other buttons are fine, just the settings one is off.I switched to 1080P I did not see this issue. My UI scale is 110 if you want to test that more.

Chests while grouped don't always have the roll screen for everyone. I also noticed this a few times when looting mobs. Not sure what causes it.

AC Dmg Value
AC Dmg values are about 1 percent off in Character top-left UI overlay vs iventory screen.