Embers Adrift

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  1. S

    Short feedback

    The game feels very bad atm. I am willing to give it another chance after good post-release reviews. I've spent not too much time in the game since it quickly became clear that it's just too bad and boring for me. The problems are: 1. Little to no tutorial, direction and motivation to play 2...
  2. OldKid75

    Feedback Merchant sell button should auto open bags

    As the title says, If you can implement our bags opening when we click the sell button on any store it would be a nice quality-of-life upgrade.
  3. A

    Feedback for Dec 14, 2022

    Hello, My name is AlexCubbo, and this is my feedback and Review for the game thus far. So far, I love the game, and the Devs have done a fantastic job. The world is exciting. in terms of overall, I keep finding myself constantly thinking, "what's next todo?', which is a good thing as I am always...
  4. Calkrow

    Ability Level Jumps

    Yesterday solo healed Aqua (upper loop) on my 17 Duelist. Had an 18 Defender (Knight iirc), 3 Berserkers and a Warden. Pulls where mostly 1-2 mobs, no one died and only once or twice did I think things might go south. It was however the first time I felt really stretched as a healer, which made...
  5. Rithious


    I found that on my first time exploring Newhaven City that the bank in not properly marked on the map. It is place in the crafting section between then marks of "Crafter's Corner" and "The Consortium" which is incorrect. It should be on the other side of the map to the right of "Newhaven...
  6. Azureblaze

    Feedback Open Beta Feedback

    Playing testing from this weekend, feedback. I have not played seriously for some time so figured it was time for more feedback as I did play this weekend for about 20hrs. I played a Supporter to Sentinel and used a Defender/Striker alts for mostly gathering. Note: I noticed a few small bugs...