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Feedback First Day Feedback

is this feedback?
I have mixed feelings about EA.

Within the first hour i honestly nearly quit and uninstalled. Why? I guess because of a mix of things.

First of all the performance, Its absolutely sub par for the gfx quality. Honestly, you need to improve that by A LOT. (Nope, not on a patatoe here)

I know you want a slow paced game and im with you but combat ist just way too slow as it is right now Imho. Its like my char is having a smoke break after each sword-swing...

Progression....feels like its nonexistant. In the 2-3 hours i played there didnt change a thing besides getting one more attack skill. That wont do it for the beginning im afraid, most people will be turned off by that.

The range of bows is comically short, i mean, come on, really? You can throw rocks farther...

The only bug/glitch i discovered so far is that when you change from bow to swords in combat you will be stuck with bow animations while you have swords in your hands.
In the positive sides:
EA looks good style-wise.

The world itself looks beliveable and nice.

Architecture also appears to be rather realistic, i like that very much.

The critters i met look really good too.

Charakter movement is good enough and combat moves are ok. A little more attack variants would be nice (visually)!

Characters themself are fine, a little more face and hair variety would be good tho.

Weapons look good, no fancy fantasy stuff, i just really want you to add scabbards and fix the position of sheeted weapons.

The Interface ist good, nothing to complain there.
Last Day Feedback:

As expected, grouping ist where the game shines. Well done for that aspect. You could reinforce that fact by making certain attack skills depend on states like debuffs and so on.

The "armor restricting" by weight ist too restrictive imho if i cant field a full leather set. Even my granny could have utilized that.

I find it too hard to get gear in the beginning. If not for some nice guy that gave me some armor parts he obviously didnt need i would have had real troubles.

Game and stuff you kill should provide more "trophys". As a hunter you would know how to make the most out of that dead body, its your job after all.

Did i mention bows need more range?

I am missing spears completly. Every medieval hunter would rely on bows and spears. Dont even need to mention that, military speaking, spears were TEH weapon of choice in the dark ages and before.

Weapon restrictions, the way they are here, arent good Imho. It just denies diversity and restricts the way i could play any class i choose way too much. And sorry but class recognition ist a lame excuse. There are allready other ways to see the class of others. Besides, wouldnt it be more realistic if you didnt know the class of someone until you are either told or see him "work"?

Overall it was a nice experience taking part in that beta days and i really enjoyed it but you didnt trigger me. At the moment too many things hurt my logic and are off for my taste. I sure wish you guys the best of luck and maybe EA will get more appealing to me as you keep working in it.

Oh, and for gods sake, whatever you do, keep Elloa
I have mixed feelings about EA.

Within the first hour i honestly nearly quit and uninstalled. Why? I guess because of a mix of things.

First of all the performance, Its absolutely sub par for the gfx quality. Honestly, you need to improve that by A LOT. (Nope, not on a patatoe here)

same for me months ago when i tried the game for the first time, and same for me on friday, but i didnt deinstall, but try to make it tun and on performant settings and the distancies reduced i was fine and at least playable, the more players are around the worse for me.

i agree with your 2nd and 3rd post here, except i got hooked and want it to be friday to play again :D
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===UPDATED, added more that I should have the first time, but sorry for wall of text old man grumbling===

@Soulchaser I agree on most all your points, but as far as how the game runs it has always run great for me even on higher settings and I dont mind the slower paced combat. Embers Adrift is better than games like modern WoW where you can pull 4 or 5 mobs and rip through them like they are nothing.

A few of the points you made are to me, are the worst things about Embers Adrift and should be changed/adjusted in my opinion(online gaming 20+ years and many MMORPGs etc). The first point below on armor weight is the most critical to me.

1. Armor weight is horribly restrictive to the point of being >>severely<< punishing, and needs to be reduced big time. Like you said we cant even wear a full set of leather armor that our grandmas could wear. We should NOT have to level up to some higher level, simply to wear a set of armor. I put on just a copper chest piece on any of my low level characters, and it overburdens them badly...its ridiculous!

2. The range of bows and crossbows, and throwing weapons. The range of all ranged weapons is so short, it makes no sense. As you mentioned we can throw a rock farther than the range of these ranged weapons in this game. And defense based classes should be able to use ranged weapons, they are just as much warriors as any other class and then some and can and should be trained in all weapon types.

And one extra that you did not mention, stamina usage. It is far too easy to run low or even run completely out of stamina. The spells cost too much, its as if we are only supposed to fight one thing at a time then have to sit and rest from burning up our stamina pool? Maybe we are not supposed to fight anything that gives good exp like white mobs, since that would also empty stamina pools? And what about when we get more than one mob, we end up having to auto attack(which is horribly low damage) most of the fight because we are out of stamina on the first mob and have none left for the second mob?? And dont even get me started on trying to have stamina in a dungeon as a healer haha.

A few other honorable mentions for negative things in game.

Bank upgrade costs. Bank upgrade costs are insane, especially the shared bank. You have to pay 10 silver just to unlock the first row of slots to even start using it?!? Then second upgrade is 50 silver?!?!!....was this some type of cruel joke?

And player inventory space is extremely limited, for what reason exactly? The game is set up to bombard the players inventory with all types of items, yet we have a TINY inventory. Not only should our main inventory be bigger from the start, but also the gathering bag should be labeled a 'crafting bag' that can hold anything crafting or gathering related including crafting items from the vendor, and that bag should also be much bigger. That way the already tiny inventory main bag is less flooded with crafting related items. Let us pay a LITTLE silver to upgrade our main inventory bag as well as the crafting one, with costs going up a LITTLE the more we upgrade them.

Now for some good points of the game.

World design. World design is great and I love the way the world looks, trees, buildings, etc.

Dungeon design. To be honest I have only went in one dungeon, the lowbie mines dungeon...but what a fantastic dungeon it is. Excellent dungeon design, reminds me of some of the amazing dungeons from Vanguard Saga of Heroes, and that is about the best compliment for dungeon design I can give because the dungeons in that game were incredible.

Classes. So far I like the class choices, all the differences, etc. My only complaint is there are not enough character slots for a alt-O-holic like me to have one of each class ha.

New crafting revamp. I love the new crafting system, it really looks better with the new changes.

And most important, AWESOME old school feel. This game has that sweet, old school feel. We need more games like this, and less games like modern WoW.

After only a short time in the free beta I had to buy the game, and I have high hopes for this game. With a few adjustments to certain areas(cough armor weight cough) I think it will be something truly special even more than it already is. Even if none of my "old man grumblings" are addressed, I will still support and play this game. And I will add to this, yes dont get rid of Elloa she is a ray of sunshine. But also I honestly think the entire Embers Adrift team are good people and passionate gamers who really just want to make a good and unique game. I talked to Undone in game on one of my characters the other night we had a nice discussion on multiple factors of this game. I wish I was rich instead of poor I would pay off the entire teams mortgages, car payments, then hire a bigger team to work under them to help development of this game. Like I said we need more games like this, and less like WoW.
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