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Feedback #1 after couple of hours


Hi @all i want to give a short feedback about some hours in the game last night.

Disclaimer: i really urge a PVE only MMORPG!!! I love PVP, but i want some Pen and Paper, me and my group against the world vibes more and it's important to me to immerse.
I like the Map, i like there is no compass, but a Moon and stuff like that. I'd be even ok with no questlog if we can use and make our own notices etc.
So all power to less handholding systems etc.
I'm an oldsql player, i drew Maps in EoB and such.

I backed in the Saga of Lucimia days, but only tried the beta twice for short time due to the schedule.
Yesterday was the first time i logged in created a new character - i guess the old was wiped - and stayed for some hours and yes i immersed somewhat.
So yes there is potential i get lost in this environment and immerse myself into the world.
I tried to find out stuff by myself and so i did find some logs and made pine wood and also linnen fibres or alike, dont remember the names and it's not my motherlanguage.
Btw i also watched the Beginner Tip Video from Elloa a little bit late, but still helpfull and good.

The leveling is slow, really slow, it's all fine, but if i'm honest if i only have 2 days of open beta i wont be able to test much.
I'm just level 2 Adv and level 4 Forester.

I think i need a group now, as i have to reveal the Map in the North of the Valley and there is Smugglers everywhere and a Mine or alike.
I got the Quest to find the aprentice, but i couldnt, then went back and he said i've found some hints etc. and i dont know where i had found them :p
I know i emptied a chest it was late, i'm old, i can find more excuses :D
Whatever it is i am adviced to go back and find out more, especially about some voices i heard.
So i dont know where to go back.
My fault and i can and will seek the entire valley again and hopefully with a group of others to be able to fight the smugglers.
Although i've read and heared about the Mobs plaques it took me some moment to understand it completely.
Good system it's not new to me, but i like it this way.

Performance was utterly bad in the beginning, but after some tweaks in the options menu and some wait it's ok. I'm ready to sacrifice some ultra smooth grafics for good gameplay until it's immersive.
So yeah can be allways improved, but its ok for me.
I play with i7, 32gb RAM and GTX 2070 super bzw.

now my only problem is finding people i can group with.
Seems nobody uses chat or i miss something about it, maybe need to create a global chat or help chat tab or something.
I would prefer to not to use voip, but play oldsql with chat oh and i also allways ready to roleplay a bit ;)But tbh have read some NPCS storys and such, but i'm not deep into lore yet.

I really hop for an ongoing beta forever, it's ok if this is wiped before release, but to test way further the time to get on the servers for me need to be prolonged, even if the servers are only up at weekends would be helpfull to progress somewhat further.
Actually i'm thinking if i play more and up to tomorrow, but then have to stop i'd worry a little bit. Sure it's beta and all this, but why are the timeframes for testing that short?
Is the Server still open on Wednesdays evenings?
I have to say i'm looking forward and hope the game develops good and can find a stable playerbase.
If development steadily improves the game and adds content and features like fishing, treasurehunting, maybe even housing and have lots of challenging group content i can see me paying to play it, but it very much depends on finding people i can play with.

have fun - Stun o/
I think people just don’t know about the LFG tool or how to use it. I logged on and there was 100people on and not a single person listed in the LFG. I think the interface could be simplified a bit definitively needs to be shown to players in some way. Most people just been using the discord voice channels to find a group.
this is what i think since yesterday, i like the tool, i used it 1h in the game, 30 minutes later i had like 3 chat tabs for general, zone, group and asked many times in Zone chat. All i need is fellow players to explore at my pace and become an adventurers group.
I need to find some people or i cannot save Aydlin from the Mine.
After the open beta weekend i was able to play more and leveld my knight to level 8, it was hard to find groups for me to explore the central veins more and finish quests.
The groups i had showed me that having a group is what this game is about. Group up and explore and kill mobs. I hope there is also some more to it, but i'm just level 8.
I'm working in crafting also and need more harvesting professions i guess.
I'm a forester, provisioner, i think i need to become a miner for coal to make a meal from all the carots and onions i found in the central veins :D

You got me, i'm hooked somewhat and want to play and find out more. So i will be online at friday, sorry for wednesday but in my timezone it's too late for me :D

My biggest concern is i need to find a group and explore at my pace, i fear for others will level further more fast or there is just nobody left in the New Haven Zone.
But for now i'm really excited to see and play more, maybe make friends or find other players i can group up with regularily.
Thanks for the feedback and for coming back to check on our progress. There is a global chat which I think many use for coordinating groups over the LFG system, it is /gl shortcut to chat in global.
Hey Stundorn, thankyou very much for sharing your experience!
We try really hard to "educate" players to use the tools at their disposal to set up groups. I will try to think what more I can do to encourage players to group up together!
I'm organising groups very often during the weekend of test. Maybe we will get to play together soon! See you in game!