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Crafting Stats vs tier vs dropped


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I've dabbled into crafting with the new build and the harvesting changes are very welcome. However, there is a few problems with the stats related to Tier and I think there's a need for tweeking related to dropped gear.

Here's 2 examples of issue regarding Tiers:
1- Copper Malachite earring T1 are better than Tin Malachite earing.
2- Tin Vambrace created with Coarse leather straps (T1), have the same stats than Tin Vambrace created with Rough leather straps (T2)
I won't state all the crafted gear here, but everything T2 related needs to be better that T1. And I'm pretty sure this needs to be verified for all professions.
It should go like this imo T1 < T2 <T3...etc.

The dropped gear part:
I've noticed that the dropped gear at Exile Camp in NNH for example and many others places, are better than any crafted gear in the same Tier.
I'm not sure if it's intended, but that makes crafting irrelevant and it's really sad for crafters.
I think crafted gear should be either egal or better that the uncommun gear like this. I understand that Boss/Named dropped needs to be better, but not drops from normal mobs.
Also, I like the suggestion made on the forums for a system where the gear could be upgraded by crafters, this would make dropped good and crafters happy/busy, because they could enhance the dropped gear.

Thanks for the good job you guys are doing so far, I really enjoy the game :).


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At least in terms of dropped gear being better than intial crafted gear, that's intended. The progression Adric lay out from my understanding is: crafted > uncommon drops > improved crafted gear > rare loot.

The crafting just got iterated into a new system and the stat simplification that should tie into that hasn't yet been completed, so it may be a matter of itemization needing a rehash after the stat squish and Adric may be waiting after that before doing a heavy pass.

Also as mentioned: improving crafted gear is a system that is not yet in and Adric is still looking at various ways to harmonize the entire itemization system in terms of consistency, progression, and use of gathering materials.

TL: DR: the crafted gear and crafting mechanics are still WIP, and crafted vs loot values are still being fleshed out.


We have confirmation that crafting is going to be improved? I hit Weaponsmithing level 26 and there's really no reason for me to make a weapon.


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Well Adric has confirmed he plans some changes to keep crafting relevant. I had complained about the 10 level gap between upgrades and he said he was looking at alternative options.

Randy Magnum

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I posted a response in a different thread but since its pretty relevant here, I am just going to re-post it:
This issue is just a lower level issue because crafted stat items get better with quality and level. Common drop weapons have no stats but are a second faster in CD but the same damage as crafted weapons. Crafted weapons have stats but at low levels the stats are negligible since they improve at higher levels and quality. So in the first zone or two, common drop weapons are better than crafted but once your penetration gets into double digits and higher, plus dmg bonus and haste bonuses (like on lvl 20+ cedar weapons and some oak) then crafted will be better. Remember, 1 sec cooldown only affects autoattacks, and once you have a bar of abilities to mash, then cd's on weapons won't mean much but penetration on a weapon affects all abilities its used in for example. Expect to visit a training dummy at higher levels to test stats.
Named weapons that are dropped are better than both above. Weapons like Thieves blade, Outlook Staff, Smithy hammer, Woodsman longbow are far better than anything else at their level and last a player quite a few levels.

Are you saying the stats on weapons after level 20 don't compare to common drop weapons? Agreed they don't with the Named weapons, but those are rare and not available all the time. Maybe I haven't seen all the common drop weapons to compare too. Could you post some stats of the lvl 20 weapons you are comparing to? Stats start getting interesting once you can make level 20 weapons, at least that was the case in last build. I haven't made any this build though, so maybe its changed. Previously, at level 20, you could make weapons with haste, penetration, hit, +dmg depending on materials used. Is that not still the case? Also, the way the system works now, the best stats are given when quality hits 100% so its best to get to level 29 or 30 wepsmith to make level 20 weapon.


1-10, 10-20, 20-30 all follow the same pattern.

Your getting + hit or +pen or both, but losing that 1 second cooldown seems like a bigger loss in the long run.

A random perk system would be wonderful to consider, even if it was .0001% chance on craft to add like one more +1 anywhere. Then, crafters could make 200 swords and sell the 1 that comes out superior to people who would want that advantage.

Same can be said for amorcrafting. Is anyone even wearing leather armor? Seems like everyone finds 2 pieces of dropped metal armor and equips them so there is very little variety on equipped characters.

I'd think the leather would be less armor but less weight, with some kind of melee perks on it to offset the higher weight,higher ac of metal varieties. Time will tell.

If it keeps the way it is, no reason to craft really. Just grab to gather professions and hand what ya need to someone to make arrows, potions and food.



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Seems like everyone finds 2 pieces of dropped metal armor and equips them so there is very little variety on equipped characters.
Yep. Blandness. In battle I sometimes find myself repositioning because I'm looking at the wrong toon thinking it was me. I'd really like to see recipes as drops and provide more variety, like Spanish versus French versus Belgian etc. etc. of old. There is really no individuality, we are all clones. I'd also rather like to see stats on the different pieces that would push certain classes to wear different sets. For example, they could add taunt-like passives to metal pieces, bonus healing to (non-existent) cloth armor, penetration to leather or something along those lines.
/tosses 2cp into the pot.


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I think the key is leather should have stats on them but be bad AC/weight ratio. Which I'm noticing is the case mostly. However, +combat movement speed sucks IMO, its like on everything can we have something other that combat movement speed?


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+combat movement speed sucks
Exactly. What is the point to this stat in a group? I'd rather see more useful, class-specific stats added to armor. Then perhaps we'd see more folks wearing a wider variety of armor, even if only leather vs. metal. They've gone so far as to make weapons class specific, why not armor too? Short of doing that, adding class-specifics to armor would still provide choice but sway some to wear more class "appropriate" attire.