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    BETA TEST June 8th; what's new?

    The lasting effect changes seem real odd. DoT's don't seem especially amazing as it is and this just makes them not worth the limited bar space. Same for debuffs. If you feel they are to long why not just shorten to duration? They will potentially not be worth the bar space. The key impact on...
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    Thoughts on the game after a few weeks of

    I think it was purely to differentiate the content between solo/group etc. The problem with the elite argument is that no other MMO had as many elites running around willy nilly as EA has. Up until the recent change 2 and 3^ were ten a penny and just normal mobs really when you looked at how...
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    BETA TEST May 25th; what's new?

    Appreciate the changes to the roaming mob difficulty. Gives you much more to do when moving to a camp or resource gathering. Easier to find things to kill when groups are not available as well. Redshore is a phenomenal zone. Huge to explore and when finally arriving at the beach as the sun was...
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    Experience Gain(probably unpopular)

    Having to kill 200-300(?) mobs per level sounds horrible. Even when you look at classic EQ it never had that apart from the odd hell level and when you got into the 50's. Doubling the amount of XP required will probably kill the game for many. I'd look at it from a max level perspective. I think...
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    Impressions after buying and playing all weekend

    This has been my experience as well which seems to go against what Adric said above although maybe I am misinterpreting. I spent most of yesterday running around Meadow and struggled to find 1^'s in an area where it was worth it to stay to a point where I ended up just logging out. The 2 & 3's...
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    Impressions after buying and playing all weekend

    How about repurposing some unused camps as an idea so you are not having to create new content? I am currently in Meadow and there are a lot of crocodiles and all seem to be 2 & 3. I don't know the data but at an estimated peak time would you require so many 2 & 3 tier croc camps for groups...
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    Impressions after buying and playing all weekend

    I definitely appreciated the chevron system more in a group setting as it made me think about target priority. As you say later though it does create a lack of engaging content when lacking a group. It wasn't that I couldn't find anything to make progress on solo, more that I was passing up all...
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    Impressions after buying and playing all weekend

    Thanks! I'll check the shadow option at the weekend. One thing I have noticed is that the game draws on my GPU (3090) more than any other at the moment power wise, even over something like Star Citizen. It's certainly the hottest the card gets. :)
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    Impressions after buying and playing all weekend

    Yeah pretty much what you would expect for an MMO really. I think maybe talking about the chevron system has been confused with saying everything should be soloable. It was just that the chevron system added a layer of complexity to identifying the mob challenge level that I hadn't seen in...
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    Impressions after buying and playing all weekend

    Cool thanks Elloa. The bonus XP for killing the correct mobs relative to solo, group etc does help to better understand the chevron system. I will hopefully get some grouping done at the weekend and will check out that thread thanks.
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    Impressions after buying and playing all weekend

    So what is a 3^ comparatively level wise or do we not know that? I was in meadows at level 9 and was pretty comfortably killing 1^ yellows but when I went back to an earlier zone and tried a 2^ blue it felt artificially more powerful (I say artificially because it was just a random landscape...
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    Impressions after buying and playing all weekend

    Yeah I mean all MMO's have mobs you can't solo. I don't mean everything should be soloable. It definitely shouldn't. The point is that from the very start in the newbie zones, you have a misbalance in camps that end up only being doable in a group. You shouldn't really need to differentiate...
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    Impressions after buying and playing all weekend

    I still play classic MMO's on emulated servers like P99 (EQ), Asheron's Call, DAOC etc and none of these games are how you describe. EQ for example never had any boss mobs apart from raids and named mobs in dungeons. 99% of the content is normal mobs and not classified as solo or group except...
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    Impressions after buying and playing all weekend

    I think the issue at that point is that there isn't really any reason to. Unless the higher chevrons give more XP or even still give XP when they are green? Not sure. Overleveling content has always been a thing in MMO's but the chevron system seems to make mobs artificially overpowered for the...
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    Focused Discussion: DARKNESS

    I am currently playing Dragons Dogma which has a pitch black night and I do enjoy it and like Embers different mobs spawn at night. I think that is all it seems to do though and in an MMO you are going to get people with varying eyesight quality. Having to afk during the night is not a fun...