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Weaponsmith (Melee Weapons Related)

Ravenwolf Silvermoon

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Hello. Have some info for Weaponsmith, melee type, Maces here. Was able to get Weaponsmith to 30.10% before running out of leather strips and wood. Had about 1073 tin ore and 1147 copper ore between last weekend and this weekend. Few things has changed since Alpha weapons (Weaponsmith) but here are some Beta weapon info.
Also, the Bronze Mace, most of these are made with wood, one with Tin Pole. Will try to add Copper pole, Bronze Pole, Zink Pole and Brass Pole later. Although there is just too many different variation and combination to show.

Hopefully this will give an idea for some who wants to make it with said item type/materials.
Maces Mix 02.jpg

Would like to mention before I keep forgetting, a big thank you to Alice for giving me her wood, Archer giving me his bones & Killjoy for giving me his wood.
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Hello. Here are some Daggers. There is just too much to post, but here are some. There is just too much, too many different variation, combination and style to make. I do have most of the materials to make each and every single weapons to show, its just too much for me at the moment.

Updated: 04-04-2022 10:10HR (added Maple Wood & Fair Leather Strips info)
One can use different Ingots (Copper, Tin, Zink, Brass, Bronze) for the Blade.
One can use different Ingots (Copper, Tin, Zink, Brass, Bronze) Wood (Pine, Fir, Cedar, Oak, Maple) for the Guard.
One can use different Ingots (Copper, Tin, Zink, Brass, Bronze) Wood (Pine, Fir, Cedar, Oak, Maple) for the Grip.
One can use different Leather Strips (Boar, Bear, Deer, Rabbit, Racoon, Wolf) not counting the three different Tier (Coarse, Rough, & Fair).

Daggers Mix 02.jpg
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Did you also work with various handles instead of metal ones? I noticed that cedar logs pretty much had the same output as metal ingots used as handles, but pine logs had a different output.
Hello. @Pelirow, I am still posting stuff lol sorry. Just have a lot of info (screenshots to work through, find and edit. Will try to finish this up by tonight and have it ready for Weds or sooner). Thanks.
No worries, just spinning my tires so it's fun to try to look over the pics while waiting for Friday. :)
Hello. Here are some Grossmesser, from Tin, Bronze and Copper versions. Just a sample, general idea to show you what you could make.
These are more or less the upgraded version of the Falchions, the level 10 versions. Will try to post the level 10 and 30 later this month.
Grossmesser 02.jpg

Small note on Bronze, Brass, and Zink ingots. When one is making crafted items (weaponsmith, outfitter or provisioner) those item will start off really bad compared to copper or tin. Mainly because you just basically started making your first Bronze item, your first Brass item, your first Zink items. You need to make just as many of those items as you did skilling up on copper till you see the current tier ingots you are working on, gets better.
Your first pizza you tried making, came out blah, you almost had to call the emergency room. But now, after making your 100th pizza, its great. You even open up your own local Pizza Restaurant.

I will try to start/post a thread on that later for discussion and feedback on that topic later. For now, just want to show folks who are trying to figure out how to make stuff, for folks who may want a certain type or kind of weapon, or for folks who may need or want to use this as references (so they dont end up making the wrong one or wasting materials when they can make something else).
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Interesting how sometimes Bronze, the higher tier metal, isn't better than something like copper. And I'm pretty excited to get to 20 and be able to use weapons with haste from the cedar wood!
Hello. Have some Quarterstaffs here for any Supporters who may want to have some made. Again depends on the Weaponsmith level, what kind of materials you using, outcome will be different. For now, this should give you some idea of what to make or want made.
Quarterstaffs 02.jpg
Hello. Have a few Hatchets to show. A lot of folks like the Hatchets since all three classes can use them. For Supporters and Strikers, its a very nice weapon to have and use in a group, especially when the Defender can hold aggro and they use the Mace.
Hatchets 02.jpg
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Hello. These are some of the possible Zink Hatchets that can be crafted at Weaponsmith level 31 at the time. Made a couple or so Zink Hatchets to see what they looked like on my characters. Finally got around to posting the information to share with folks. Was able to get some Maple wood to finish most of the set, forget to add Fir Wood and Brass Ingot.

Like all crafted items (weapons, armor, jewelry, food/drinks, tools), these items will get changed to fit game balance. Hopefully last beta test phase to final testing, we can expect what the final crafted items will look like (more or less) before launch date.

Zink Hatchet Set 04.jpg