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Stuttering performance


New Member
I have some small issues trying the game both in the starting area where I have big stutters, so I can barely even look around, but when I'm a bit away, I am able to look around, but I do still have some stutters here and there.

Current hardware:
Core i7 8700
Nvidia 1060 6 GB version
Installed on nvme SSD drive

In-game settings:
1920x1080 @60 (already lowered it down from 1440p)
Low Quality
None Anti-Aliasing
Very Low Vegitation
Very Low Cloud Quality
30 FPS Frame Rate Limiter
50% View Distance
50% Shadow Distance
100% Grass Full Screen
All other options turned off

I have yet to try out the resolution Scale

Anyone who has some similair issues? if you need any more information let me know :D
Thanks for the info! The xx60 cards seem to be having issues - I have a 1060 in my other machine that I will have to throw into my windows box to see what is going on there.
Thank you very much for :
1. testing the game
2. reporting your issues

I can not help you personally (unfotunately) but I hope some fixes/some solutions are coming soon. Take care! (also hiii Mindless)
I just logged in today as well,

I'm in Newhaven Valley, where there were not that many people. It still is a bit of stutter, but not as bad as before.
and below a few pictures of my system:

In-game screenshot of the options:



Let me know if I should test again, or if I should change some settings etc :)
@Mindless999 - I have to assume that it's probably nothing, but almost everyone with lag/stuttering/crashing has the frame limiter set to 30FPS. That should be helping, but perhaps along with setting that to unlimited or V-Sync, maybe also try to drag your shadows and view distance down and see if that helps - the less you load at a distance, the less your GPU has to render. I thought I saw a crash log w/ shadow rendering issues, so at least drag that way down to see if it helps. I'm not sure what the resolution scale is impacting, I haven't messed with it yet, but it might help to bring that down to 50% and then 0% to see if it helps your GPU & vRAM consumption.