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State of the Game: Power of the Ember Veins


Executive Producer
Stormhaven Studios

State of the Game: Power of the Ember Veins

“I can feel something in the Ember. It’s growing stronger; something is changing. It’s hard to deny the existence of ‘Ember Veins’ now. Some of our researchers will not be too happy, but after having interviewed several drifters I’m going to officially log them in our Ledger of Knowledge along with descriptions and sketches.

Drifters are reporting surges of power coming out from these ‘Ember Veins’ and from the ‘Ember Ruptures’ as they call them. Ashen creatures are becoming more abundant which means there is more Ember Essence to be had. This is good for the Academy. While there is now more unknown, there is more potential, too. The Academy will get to the bottom of these fluctuations and will improve our use of Ember along with it. Perhaps the alchemical skills wielded by the once-great Vehueramen are not beyond our grasp after all.”

- Aloysius Aemedicus, High Philosopher at the Academy of Ember, Newhaven City


As many of you may know, our 1 year anniversary is coming up. Sunday, October 15th, is our 1 year anniversary and we’ll be celebrating with some unique GM events as well as an announcement, which will include the dates of our next free-weekend! It will also include information on further anniversary events forthcoming from that day as well as details on our magic system - Alchemy! We look forward to this date and to many more milestones in the future. Embers Adrift just keeps getting better and better. If you haven’t checked us out in a while the upcoming patches will be a great time to come back and check us out, as it seems the very fabric of the world is changing... Combat is quickening, travel is hastening, bags are growing, and Ember is becoming stronger as the High Philosopher of the Academy mentioned in the above lore snippet.

As always we truly appreciate the support and feedback of our community. The latest has been a developing conversation on mob difficulty which we’ll be dialing back a bit in the next hot fix this Tuesday as well as adding a few nice features - you’ll have to wait and see. We look forward to continued transparency and respectful dialogue with our players which always helps the game get better.

Embers Adrift is a challenge-driven MMORPG where players can experience over 1000 hours of entertainment available to a single character. With quests that have multiple outcomes, hundreds of rare mobs and thousands of rare/quest items, and a steady stream of new content coming out on a steady schedule. It’s never been easier to find long-term entertainment for just $29.99 (tax not included). If you bought the game, but haven’t been playing, we’d love for you to come back and check out all the new stuff at no extra charge! Please subscribe to support the indie team, become the Heroes of Stormhaven, and open additional character slots for even more hours of entertainment.

You can support us by buying the game HERE for yourself or for a friend, and subscribing as time goes on. You can also purchase a month of game time for your friends who may not have an active subscription. We also have a MERCH SHOP and a SOUNDTRACK if you'd like to support us in other ways. As a small company trying to go against the grain by not focusing on maximum monetization of our player-base we want to say a huge thank you to our subscribers, your support means so much to us.
Brief Recap:

Here is a brief list of what we added last month:
  • New Content: The King’s Keep featuring a new combat encounter and tech
  • New Lore Interactable Objects throughout the world - gotta find ‘em all!
  • New Quests and rewards!
  • New rare mobs and loot!
  • Well Traveled Roads speed buff (more have been added since)
  • An emergency item recovery feature for those few items you really don’t want to lose if you end up forfeiting your bag
  • New equipment visuals
  • Performance Updates
  • and more…
You can read the detailed patch notes for the above here. Join us as we expand the Embers Adrift world and uncover the lore of its past with each monthly update. Now, onto the new updates.
New Stuff:

Ember is becoming more powerful. Breakthroughs in its uses and effects are surely forthcoming. Pictured above we see the raw power of Ember showing through weak points in the Ember Veins and Ember Ruptures. Now that the Academy seems to be accepting the existence of Ember Veins they are researching the hypothesis that Ember Ruptures lacked proper infrastructure and have simply failed to fully form into Ember Vein portals.

The ‘Hunting Log’ has been added to the game offering players a way to customize their characters with Titles and Stats as they fight the unique creatures found in the Northern Wilds.

New quests have been added to the game: Into the Shrieking Warrens, In the name of Science, and The Lost Settlers (a lore quest), are now available.

Combat restructuring has occurred. Players can now expect many abilities to be instant cast while others have greatly reduced execution times. The exception being healing abilities. This has had the effect of making combat smoother and more engaging - especially at lower levels. This is in response to feedback from the community and new players as well as in preparation for Alchemy!

Mob difficulty has been adjusted and continues to be tweaked so take heart and fear no nerfs as this is being heavily monitored by the devs and discussed vigorously in our community. We’ve got some great adjustments coming in our next hotfix.

The leveling rate is faster, reducing the amount of exp needed per level for levels 25+ even up to a 35% reduction at level 49.

Armor weights have been adjusted. Players will find that they are able to wear more pieces of armor throughout the game adding more wearable items to get those juicy stats stacked up in.

We are working very hard to keep crafting Embers Adrift into the best classically inspired MMORPG in the genre. To read the full list of patch notes please visit this link and you can check out a video showcase for this patch made by Elloa HERE.
As we iterate from patch to patch, adjusting current content and adding new content, we are asking our community to keep the feedback coming and to please be patient with us as we make adjustments. Thank you all!

Stay tuned into our YouTube channel, our TWITTER, and our DISCORD server for info about our new content and latest news.