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State of the Game: August


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State of the Game: August

Our normal test window opens Fridays at noon CT/6pm UTC through Tuesday at noon CT/6pm UTC for our pre-order players who can also join the devs in discord voice chat for our Wednesday night session at 8pm CT/1am UTC. If you like classically inspired MMORPGs with deliberate gameplay, rewarding progression, and no cash shops, please visit our website to pre-order, join the fun, and support our indie dev team!

We are excited to announce our first open beta weekend, September 16th - 18th. We are feeling better and better about the foundation of our game everyday, and we’re excited to continue to expand the game with new content in the months and years ahead. Come see what we have to offer. All you need for the open beta is an account on our website and you will be eligible to hop in and play. You can register an account here: www.embersadrift.com/Account. If you’ve been waiting to try the game this is the time to jump in for free and check it out; invite your friends along for the adventure too.
If you’re new to Embers Adrift or want to introduce it to your friends check out this video, Embers Adrift in 60 Seconds, for a brief overview of what Embers Adrift is and share it to others as an introduction to our MMORPG! New players should check out our “Getting Started” forum post.

We’ll be doing a stream with Level Up Larry tomorrow, Sept. 2nd, on TwitchTV starting at 9:30pm Central Time. Please join us to ask your questions and get a sneak peak at some of the early content. Give him a follow too as we’ll be doing more streams with him in the future.

Let’s dive into what happened in August:

We had our second Worldbreaker event and we gathered a lot of valuable data on client side performance. Our new servers did not break, but in fact performed very well. We were able to follow up the event with some performance overhauls to dial things in for the client side. You’ll notice that a lot of our video settings have changed and we now even include a “potato” quality setting for those with less powerful machines.

Our Ashen variants have been implemented and these creatures tend to be seen by ember ruptures that are wildly unstable. The excess energy causes creatures around it to “overload” as they weaken and “burn out” transforming into their Ashen variant. We have a handful of additional creatures animated and waiting in the wings for implementation, 3 of which can be seen in our most recent patch notes. I can’t wait to see them in action; as you get further away from Newhaven you’ll see more and more fantastical creatures. Scale armor and more leather armor visuals are nearing completion as well. We continue to create new, exciting loot for you all to find on your adventures.
We have our first iteration of seasons in Embers Adrift, you’ll now see the color of the leaves change, disappear, and grow back green over time. We’ve got more plans for weather effects and seasonal changes that we are excited to implement in the future.

Our quest and dialogue system is up and running and we’ve got much of our first zone filled with new quest givers, merchants, guards, and lore NPCs. Our quests start out shorter for new players, but can get quite lengthy the deeper one gets into the game, and some of them even have different choices and endings. They are a good way to help out Newhaven, make some coin, and get some really nice gear along the way.

The rest of the dungeon, Central Veins, was activated underneath Northreach, and it is HUGE. This reintroduces the Emberdrift system as well as introducing new creatures. Emberdrifts can pull you underground to remote parts of the Veins. We’ve also added a new kind of Emberdrift found underground too. You’ll find them along the way as you delve deeper into the dungeon and they act as a kind of escape route. As you find them, you’ll have to discuss with your party if you want to soldier on in the darkness or take the opportune way out.
We’ve been working hard on new YouTube content which will showcase lore and story elements, features, and some studio background. Stay tuned into our YouTube channel for those new videos coming up and check out the community show hosted by Elloa to stay up to date with all the latest news. You can also take a look at our patch notes on the Embers Adrift forums or head over to Alicebluu’s YouTube channel and listen to her read the patch notes and comment on them.

We want to thank our testers for their involvement and feedback. Your patience is appreciated as our small indie team works to bring more content and polish into Embers Adrift. If you would like to support us and our launch we would greatly appreciate it; visit our store to pre-order or purchase for a friend today! Pre-order customers will be getting early access to the live servers when launch rolls around later this year. Thanks for following our development; we really appreciate your support and interest!

Join our discord server to share your feedback & ideas, and to interact with the dev team & community, and then head over to our forums to dive deep into the news, lore, and discussions about Embers Adrift. If you don’t have a previous account, please sign up!