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Some little things


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I just wanted to make a light-hearted post regarding some little things I'd like to see/ear in game. Just to be clear, I'm not speaking about feature and big changes in gameplay here.

- I'm hearing birds everywhere, but never seen one....would be cool to have some flying around or eating on the ground.
- Small lizards, snakes and whatnot roaming around in Desert Area.
- Same goes for mices in more foresty Area

- Insect sounds, bees, flys, warsp.....etc
- Variance in the Wind and actually more wind sounds in certain spots.
- More variance in the birds sounds and it would be nice if they were related to the biome as well. (ie Vulture in Grimstone, Seagull in South Redshore, Owl at night...etc)

- Gust of wind with sands
- Tumbleweed

There's probably more, but what would you like to see or ear??

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I agree on all fronts. Some of the tech is there for more ambient audio I just don't think we ever got around to detailing things out as much as I wanted.
I can help with that. As ASMR artist, soundscape is a passion for me! :D