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Hot Fix September 5th


Stormhaven Studios
This week's patch brings a number of quality of life improvements, NPC balance adjustments, and critical fixes. Most notably you will all find an extra row has somehow snuck into your gathering bag. Oh, and those of you with an Ember Stone can now teleport from Monoliths to Ember Rings in overland zones for 5 Ember Essence :D
  • Fixed Dryfoot Stronghold's east entrance missing a Hallow visual.
  • Fixed a stuck spot in Grimstone Canyon
  • Fixed a navigation issue at the zone line between Dryfoot and Grimstone
  • Fixed some trees and vegetation not having LOD crossfade enabled.
  • Fixed Highland EV Egress exit point taking you to the wrong spot.
  • Fixed some invalid spawn points in the new Highlands EV. Reduced chance of 3^ mobs leaking into the 1^ loop.
  • Fixed an out of bounds Rupture in Highlands
  • Fixed some bow attack animations not properly masking out the lower body.
  • Fixed a bug that erroneously included an additional 1d4 roll to all Striker abilities when using a 2H weapon.
  • Fixed a bug with Strikers that was causing a miss to show as very low damage amounts.
  • Increased both /bag and /rope command distance by 1m.
  • Increased execution time on Sedation Dart to 1s.
  • Reduced execution time on Intimidate to 1s.
  • Reduced the durability hit taken by players by 10%.
  • Reduced distortion levels on Ashen creature audio.
  • Removed innate haste from 1^ Ashen creatures.
  • Fixed a typo in Lost Settlers quest.
  • Added options to limit the framerate to 40 and 50 fps. Options are now: None, 30, 40, 50, 60, V-Sync
  • Added a row to the gathering bag.
  • After lengthy discussions with the community and further testing we have scaled back the difficulty adjustments to mobs made last week; they are now about half way between the values from last week's patch and the pre-patch values. Please continue providing feedback as the month goes on so we can continue to adjust accordingly.
Monolith to Ember Ring Teleports
Today we are introducing a new feature that will significantly reduce the travel time required to meet up and adventure. Your map will now display "Teleport" buttons below discovered Ember Rings when you are near the zone's Monolith. I find it helpful to think of the Monolith network as train stations that take you between zones and the Monolith->Ember Ring network as bus stops that take you to different spots within the zone. Clicking one of the teleport buttons will invoke a confirmation dialog; once confirmed you will be transported to your Ember Ring of choice. A couple of notes to keep in mind:
  • Regarding Teleport Buttons:
    • Will only show when a map exists & you are in range of an Ember Monolith. This means that this feature cannot be utilized inside of dungeons or outdoor dungeon-like scenes (Stronghold, Freehold, Ridge)
    • Will only show if you have an Ember Stone.
    • Will only show under discovered Ember Rings within the same zone. This means that you cannot go from Dryfoot->Dryfoot Stronghold or Redshore->Freehold/Ridge even if they show on the same map.
    • Will only be interactable if you have at least 5 Ember Essence in your Ember Stone.
    • Only refresh when you leave and return to within range of the Monolith. In other words: if you do not have 5 EE and somehow acquire 5 EE while remaining in range of the monolith then you will need to move away and back towards it to refresh the buttons.
  • These teleports play by the same rules as Monoliths: mainly that they cannot be used while in combat.
  • This is a one-way trip; once you leave the Monolith you would have to return to the Monolith to use this feature again.
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The teleport design is very clever.

- allows for quickly getting people to their party/where they want to fight
- doesn't allow for a quick exit with the phat lewt, maintains the risk of loss
- encourages exploration to discover the ember rings
- requires some cost i.e. when learning the game in NHV its not yet an option until you get the stone

- slightly immersion breaking when you port from that mono to the ember ring, but you don't have to use it when not time poor, in fact those of us not needing to use it may find nameds and resources more often
Really nicely done.

1 word - Noice.

Mob difficulty adjustments

I've smacked a few crocs in the last week, and after fighting the first 2-chev light blue croc its obvious that the balance is perfect now.

(Definition of Perfect: If you go around in ordinary gear hitting white 2-chevs you will still get your arse handed to you, but if you are near the top of gearing for your level and fight 2-chev light blues you can survive with 10-30% health)

I'll fight another 92 to be sure.

Update: Having killed 50+ mobs - 2 deaths - 1 to a ridgeback that turned ashen and 1 to a croc when I simply forgot to heal before the next fight.


The extra gathering bag row
- enormous win

Lots of other noice little fixes
- except if you cast a lull from the other side of the planet can you make the execution time: 1.0 - (2 x average ping)
So in my case 1 - (2 x 0.3) = 0.4 + ping = 0.7 + 0.3 until the rest of my group on the other side of the planet can see it = 1.0
(yes I'm joking)

For a weekly hot fix this is ridiculously good and much appreciated.
Gets the Ange Postecoglou thumbs up.

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