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Login: I will have to do more checking this week, but I could swear when I was logging in it would put the camera looking upwards and zoomed in on my rear end. It is a bit odd view to start with. I don't recall it doing that in the past.

Trading between players: When you have a trade window open and you right click an item in your bag, it shouldn't equip or consume the item. At a minimum, do nothing, but it would be best if you right click it in your bag and it sends it to the trade window.

Items: Lean Leather Boots are same as the muddy boots you start with except for durability. I would expect to gain something else like 2ac instead of 1ac or 1ac and 1 flank... something like that.


1) Changing sword grip material does not alter any stats but it does for hatchet. Not sure if that is as designed. Since both are 1hd and usable by all, I assumed they would be similar in crafting.

2) Pole choice doesn't alter the stats on the banner.

3) I crafted a 1hd sword and it had +1 to 1hd, 2hd and ranged damage. Seemed odd to me and felt it should either be only +1 1hd damage or just list it as simply +1 damage.

4) My beginner staff was getting a bit weak, but I kept using it till level 9 and I tried to craft a new one. nope...lol I had to craft a 1hd sword instead since there is no staff option and I rarely have seen any weapons drop off of animals, thieves and smugglers in SNH and animals in NNH. Perhaps take the items removed from crafting and instead add them back in as mid-tier recipes (5,15,25...) That would allow you to put more diminishing returns into crafting (level 1 stuff would give less at 5 instead of 10 and so on) and slow the pace a bit more. You could do provisioning the same way by putting heal pots at 1,10,20,30... and buff pots like muddle and spike at 5,15,25 etc...

5) I feel that 2hd weapons should require 2 ember for enhancement due to them being larger and more area to cover with the ember. That would make it equal to the ember required to craft 2 1hd weapons. You could also do this with bows and the larger armor pieces requiring more ember than the smaller pieces.

6) In comparing the short sword vs the hatchet, I don't see any real benefit to going with hatchet over sword. Sword seemed far superior to me.

7) When in the crafting window, it sorts them alphabetically. It would be great to add the level req. column to the crafting window to see which are the higher level ones. A sort by column option would also be nice to sort by name or level req.