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Naked Run


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Before the run we decided to warm ourselves beside the city's Ember Ring and strengthen our resolve with games of chance and lots of movement.

Little did we know of our fate.
Had we known, we may have put back on our clothes, and retired to comfy familiar locales.

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The games continued, with luck leaving and returning as is its want, forever deluding us and empowering us.

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And as the hour of the run drew near, one last victory to warm the heart and stretch the muscles.

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They grouped, like sheep, innocent and lost, hoping for direction in a land with none, following a torch that could quickly snuff out at any moment.

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Icabod, the fool, has given them fireworks to play with.

Not having anywhere to safely store them, it was time to Let it Go,

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Finally, with the last firework used as a signal, it was time to run like hell.
We were needed in the Highland Hills, or so we were told, but we had to be bold, and show our skin folds.

So our fate we did mold.

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The run through North Reach was pleasant enough, well travelled roads and surrounded by many.

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Until we left North Reach for the lands of the meadows, where people were seen to scatter in all directions, like balls on a snooker tale after a particularly vigorous break.

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All ran quickly, but some in a more direct line than others.
Some of us, without the power of SSD (whatever that is) started to fall behind the pack, a good thing or a bad thing, it was yet to be determined.

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By the time we reached the monolith many has raced ahead, leaving a few of us at the back of the herd, shepherding others while trying to capture the moment, and hoping vainly that all that began this adventure would make it to the end.

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Oh Brook Hollow, old friend, I forgot how sharp your cobbled roads can be.
And yet we carried on, past the town, west and up into the Highland Hills, a land where naked feet ne'er normally tread, and with good reason.

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What had happened to all those in front, would we find out.
A shudder went through my back.

The cold breeze perhaps, or was it the fate of the quick being decided?

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By the time I reached the Lakeside camp, all had gone ahead.
I looked for stragglers, not finding many.

And yes, while looking at the shady characters I started to wonder, who actually sent us in their direction?
And why?

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Catching another, I started to take stock.
I had, somewhat conveniently, placed all of my clothing in a bag that I had secured somewhere very well hidden, a tardis of deception perhaps, but it could be our saviour.

Whatever our fate, I was ready to encounter it.

And I had cake.

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Nearing the more dangerous parts of the Highland Hills, I grew concerned.

Where was everyone, and why.

The last bastion, the Ember Monolith, grew near, and so did our fate.

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And all of a sudden I found them, huddled around the monolith, still naked, but lost and confused.
Directionless, like sheep as they slow and are readied for the slaughter.

But by who?

It was time to search for answers, and fight whatever was necessary.

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It started with rats approaching us, and the odd deer, attracted by the smell of not often exposed undergarments.

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