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Feedback My impressions about 2nd open beta

is this feedback?


I participated in previous beta test in the end of spring, as I remember, or at the begging of summer.
That time game was much worse then now. It was slow, boring, and without any sense of progress. Now it's much better, compared to previous run. It's fun to play, hunt mobs, make some parties, doing gathering and crafting. Unfortunately parties works not so good due to absence of navigation. But I'd say there a lot of thigs still need to be done to make the game really playable for larger audience.

It's fun to play for two days, could be good for a week, but for longer playtime, I think more class specialization is needed. It's just a wish, since hard to tell hot it goes on higher levels.

Major problems I see now, that will confuse a lot of newbie players:
1. Absence of mini map, compass, pointer to my and group members location on a map. This really should be present, compass must have, and my location on a map is also much needed.
2. Absence of auction house. This just bad idea. It's a mmorpg, those days it will not work well without auction. You can see some games that trying to avoid auction functionality and they either a top game in it's kind (like PoE) or performing quite bad (like MO2, Crowfall and so on).
3. Some more in game explanations about classes, combat and crafting mechanics could be always nice and handy. Currently a lot of players feel that they do not understand game mechanics well.
4. Very low FPS on outdated hardware, and no settings solving it. Remember a lot of people were unable to upgrade video cards due to recent mad prices that are still not yet okay. You can say that this game just have higher requirements but I think some optimization can help it to run on a little more outdated PCs.
5. Night time is cool and helps immersion, but it's quite annoying in a long run, since almost nothing is visible. Can it be made not so long, like 1/4 of full day time, please? I saw already a lot of complains about too long dark time.

As I got it quests are not fully implemented yet, so I just post no impressions about them at all.
Thank you so much @Dixi for giving another try to our game! Thank you for your feedback!

1. We do have the blue planet as a immersive, natural compass. We want our players to explore and be smart and find their way without the guidance of a GPS. Therefor we have given them all elements to be able to find their way and direct themselves. This is a feature we really want to keep in our game despite being something that no others game dare to do. As I explain and illustrate in this video with TiPs for newplayers you can find your precise location on the map while sitting by an ember ring that become high lighted in blue. This give all tools to players to figure out where they are. But in any case, THANK YOU for reporting your feedback on the matter. Its important and appreciated.

2. RegardingTRADING in general, this is something difficult, as no trade were really happening between players during our testing session. Players were exhcnaging or offering each other services. Worldbreaker event and Open Beta were the only moment when trading started to appear. I'm not really sure in which direction we will be going in future. Our idea originally was to let Trade happening player to player. So We will see about that. Then again, thanks for the feedback.

- Feel free to share your early opinion of the quest regardless. This could help us to correct the course before we are going too far into it.