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QA May 2023


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Then marketing sucked... in fact it really did. I for example learned about the game like 5 days before the release date by accidently stumbling over an obscure comment somewhere. This game was marketed as finished and having content up to lvl50. NOWHERE did it say how it truly was at release:"Hey guys, we have content to lvl30 and about 2 camps for each level range (except the 20+... there is only one each)". This is what people complain about. There still isn't any content at 50. The highest mobs are lvl46/47 in ONE single, small Ember Vein. The highest zone below that is Exile Freehold which is an outdoor dungeon with the highest mobs being 2 spawns that can reach lvl43, rest of the zone is <=42. There is no base zone of lvl40 even yet. Most tradeskills are impossible to level to 50, since the mats needed haven't been implemented yet or are so terrible to farm you would need months. The highest items ingame are 6 lvl46 drops from the EV, ALL other items are lvl<=40. This includes Flux btw, so noone even knows what the lvl50 flux is going to be called.
Yes, it would have been a good idea to market this as a beta, even focusing on it. "Now going into beta release! You can help shape the world by providing feedback while playing before everyone else! And it is under ten bucks a month with the promise of NEVER having ANY form of microtransaction, just like a classic MMOPRG should be."... It works for f-ing Pantheon where people pay a hundred bucks monthly to be able to play ONE DAY a month in a damn pre-alpha to be the company's guinea pigs...

Well see, I agree with you. All I did was try to point out the obvious of the current situation. There's really nothing to do other than to accept how it is, offer suggestions if you find you have any, and try to enjoy what's here while seeing what transpires in the future. If frustration begins overwhelming the fun you're having, why torment yourself? I'm here because right now, I'm having fun with the game. Of course, I'm low level and it may turn out that frustration replaces my fun in the future. In which case, I'll remove myself from the frustration. That was my only point.


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Some folks appear to have a twist in their knickers, two options, 1 unpick them, 2 leave it where it is and it will remedy itself. Either way, chill out!


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About to do some QA server functional and regression testing, will update this as I go.

May 3rd:
  • xed +stats displayed on tooltips are now sorted for consistency between different items
  • Started the process of cleaning up tooltips. This will likely take several iterations as there is a lot of data and different situations to work through. This cleanup includes general formatting improvements, spacing improvements, improved durability display, improved weapon dice display, and improved stat displays.

    View attachment 2982 Looks very clean except for the +100% Flanking.

Just a side note on this, while I like the addition of the damage range, you should keep the dice and then maybe in ( ) add the damage range
3d4+3 (6-15) damage


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And on the uproar about stat caps..

Hey, look the devs admitted they already have stat caps in the game and are now shifting them a bit. Cool, cause I've been bumped up against the existing ones for some time and having those goal posts shift into unnoticeable would be kinda cool.

All the complaining though... I could have skipped those posts. The devs are walking a really large project with a small team, it works so well, that many of us dumped the old P99 or ESO for that matter to come play a low fantasy game.. because this one is better. Its not another brad Mcqaid fiasco, its real vision with (I hope) a decent endgame that doesn't just do a faceplant at 50.

Way to Go Devs.. Nerf them sogging zerkers into the gro...er.. I mean fix some of the seriously OP issues without nerfing the classes if you can. Jugg updates fell well short of the mark, btw. Wardens have been regulated to the 3rd tier of dps (their dots are meaningless in content over level 30, as weapon damage scaled up and dots well didn't). I'm still depressed about sentinels not having a real agro steal (feels like a waste to even sign into that character.. a healer with no other purpose, kind of like the Jugg the 3rd healer last among their kind). Still despite that..

I like the game, nothing else like it in all the world. Game play should be HARD.. use of the UI and basic game interaction should be easier (cough..running to/from redshore fort for example); Perhaps if 2 people in a group invest 5EE each, they can "summon" any other group member accessing any other monolith to their ember fire...the amount of time it takes to get a group together to enjoy the content is too high).

Thanks Devs for a great game.. I hope you have the opportunity to finish it, and that it remains truly unique.