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BETA TEST May 11th; what's new?


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The problem with feedback is and has always been less than 10% are providing any feedback at all. All of my feedback is done to open the topic for discussion. We all need to have a discussion about it. When on average, less than 10 people participate in any conversations, it's not reflective of the entire community. Because I'm vocal about it, I get a lot of private messages about things. When I've said to post about it, some people just aren't comfortable having any discussion in public, whether it's an inability to have a conversation, or whatever, but anyways, I try to help get their opinions in public.

Right now we have a few, very vocal, new beta testers, who, because it's new to them, have all sorts of ideas and are excited to share their thoughts about the game. This is a good thing. We need conversation to help the devs move forward. From what I've seen, they've found things that many of us who have played for awhile didn't even think about because we accepted it as it was. Do I agree with everything they've suggested? No, however, I'm not designing the game. My livelihood doesn't depend on whether this game is successful. Everybody, including those who don't like the direction, need to provide feedback and let the devs decide what's best for their game. Keep in mind, this happens often when new people join, due to their excitement. We have to encourage this, get them talking about what they like and dislike in order to best help the devs. One guy over the weekend was adamant that he wasn't going to like the game, didn't like many features and basically had given up. However, the community and devs spoke to him about his issues and now he's looking forward to the game.

The nice thing specifically about Undone is he's very willing to stand his ground and state what he isn't changing under any conditions. The rest is up for discussion. However, the bottom line is they are trying to get this game ready for release. Their situation forces them to release this year (Quote from multiple Devs). It's up to each of us, in the end to decide if we want to play the game.

Bottom line is if this game isn't good enough to sustain 5000-10000 people, it's not going to be financially stable enough to support itself and the studio. We need to work together to solve these problems and help them put a game out there that people want to play.