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Hey everyone! Hope you guys are having a blast and enjoying the game! I just wanted to bring maybe a future suggestion that I spoke about with a few members of the community and thought this would be something that could be looked at as fun and progressive if done right! That is mapping out dungeons as a profession and being able to give players the ability to create, give, or sell the maps they have currently created and finished. You could have it to where different points in a dungeon need to be visited by the player and "surveyed" after a few moments of waiting and once the entire dungeon is mapped it can be saved in their inventory that looks like a paper map.

One name that this profession could be called is the cartographer. It would hit the nail right on the head (so to speak) and would be fun to do for players who want to help others. We, as drifters, already do some cartography and have basic land mapping skills so to carry this over into a more advanced setting would be delightful to see. A couple of members chimed in during one of the streams and I just want their voices to be heard as well!

"Luethar_in_Texas: Make it more of a skill... where the cartographer has to place stakes in places in the dungeon so it can be mapped. Just being there shouldn't allow you to map it."

"Euvel0: Yes! A profession called Cartographer and they map an area as they explore it. Once they finish exploring it they can sketch maps for other players."

"Euvel0: That is a good idea too. Doing surveying. I agree it shouldn't just be handed because you walked through."

"Luethar_in_Texas: But the map should only work like the current maps. Only show up when you are near one of the stakes or one of the fires"

Would this be a simple change? No, it would probably take quite a bit of work to do for everything we currently have but I do know that the community has placed dungeon replicas on the forums for those who are currently "lost in the sauce" and would like a little bit of general clarity. Would like to see this maybe looked at in future patches though! That is all for now. Please let me know what you think and what could be better suited for this game! Shout out to the Devs for being great at listening to the community. Catch you guys on the flip side.

~ Tomreforged
Would this be a Crafting or Gathering profession? I would think Cartographers are the Crafting Profession while Geographers or Surveyors are the Gathering profession. When they "Survey an Area" they should get a raw material "Sketch" and use those with recipes for map. They should also have to refine their sketches at the crafting table or desk with real penmanship and get "Lettered Notes" to highlight areas because in Cartography Lettering matters.