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Hot Fix January 2nd


Stormhaven Studios
  • Fixed "Jab" attack for the named mob Echo from causing too much damage.
  • Fixed threat bonus on Crowned Shell Buckler.
  • Fixed issue with Alchemy activation UI bubbles not refreshing when replacing a skill on your bar with one from your skills window.
  • Fixed stuck spots in Grizzled Peaks, Dryfoot, Newhaven Valley, Northreach, Grimstone Canyon, Meadowlands, and Redshore.
  • Fixed missing colliders in Shrieking Barrows rooms.
  • Fixed missing colliders in a Central Veins room.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing NPCs from regenerating their armor when their health was full.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs were not correctly regenerating their armor. Previously when an NPC reset the UI would indicate full armor when in reality the underlying value never changed. Armor is now properly regenerated when an NPC resets and has no targets.
  • Increased crouch movement speed slightly.
  • Improved keybind labels for Page->Pg, Down->Dn, Insert->Ins, and Delete->Del.
  • Reduced Bear per-hit damage values while slightly increasing their attack speeds. This maintains the same average DPS while reducing the impact of individual hits.
  • Reduced Mammoth's wound stacking slightly. (also note that the Bear per-hit damage reduction mentioned above also applies to this mob)
  • Reduced the spawn timers on Boss mobs (Skull icons).
  • Alchemy lasting effects from abilities can now only be overwritten by more powerful Alchemy. This means that Alchemy I overwrites all non-Alchemy abilities regardless of the level of the applicator. Likewise Alchemy II overwrites all Alchemy I as well. When Alchemy levels are the same it falls back to comparing levels of the applicators.
  • Added a background highlight to Alchemy enabled effect icons on the UI.

In this shot the outer "glow" indicates Alchemy I (brighter orange for Alchemy II) and the inner countdown is red which symbolizes a negative effect (is blue in the case of beneficial effects). The "frame" of these icons remains gray for readability. There is likely room for improvement here so consider this an iteration.
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