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Harvesting (Reagents Related)

Ravenwolf Silvermoon

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Hello. Have some reagents info. Its incomplete, will try to update it when I visit all the regions/animals. For now, this may help some folks out. As with all test build, all of the info are subject to change in the next test builds.
Updated: Mar 27 2022 19:36HR
Updated: Apr 08 2022 15:50HR

Reagents 08.jpg
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Hello. Here is the text version. Will update when can, when I find more animals/creatures type in each of the regions, zones. For now this is what I have for those needing to find said reagents to boost their ability some. Each regions will have different kinds, types of animals. Some reagents of the same type(s) will be dropped by other animals. Sometimes an animal can drop two different reagents. As for the number count, its random, anywhere from 4 to 30.

Have noticed all the lev18 reagents drop in Dryfoot (found a lot of them in the upper North of the map). The level 2s seem to drop mostly in South Newhaven, some levels 2s in North Newhaven. And even fewer level 2s in Meadowlands. The level 8s seem to drop mostly from North Newhaven, Meadowlands and Dryfoot area. All of these may or may not be changed in next Beta build test.

StrikerWeak Numbing AgentQuillbacks02South & North Newhaven
Mild Numbing AgentQuillbacks, Emberfly08Dryfoot, Meadowlands
Numbing AgentQuillbacks18Dryfoot
BrigandWeak Sleeping DoseRats06North Newhaven
Mild Sleeping DoseAnts, Rats08Dryfoot, Meadowlands
Sleeping DoseAnts18Dryfoot
Adolescent HormonesWolves08Dryfoot, Meadowlands
Adult HormonesWolves18Dryfoot
WardenWeak VenomSpiders02Central Veins & North Newhaven
Mild VenomToads08Dryfoot, Meadowlands
SupporterCrude SalveDoe, Stags, Bear Cubs, Young Bears02North & South Newhaven, Meadowlands
Makeshift SalveYoung Brown Bears08North Newhaven, Meadowlands
DuelistTBA02South Newhaven
Mild IchorAnts, Emberfly08Dryfoot, Meadowlands
SentinelDiluted TinctureWolves06North Newhaven
TinctureBoars, Wolves08Dryfoot, Meadowlands
Robust TinctureBoars, Wolves18Dryfoot
WarlordSickly SkinRacoons02North Newhaven
Rotten SkinShadowed Grub Bats08Dryfoot, Meadowlands
Afflicted SkinShadowed Grub Bats18Dryfoot
DefenderDiluted UrineBears02South Newhaven
Reduced UrineToads08Dryfoot, Meadowlands
KnightStale PheromonesDoe06North Newhaven
Weak PheromonesDoe, Stags08North Newhaven, Meadowlands
JuggernautTBA02South Newhaven
Weak Liver OilBoars, Crocodiles08Dryfoot, Meadowlands
MarshalFlask of Dry TarSpiders06South & North Newhaven
Flask of Rigid TarShadowed Grub Bats08Dryfoot, Meadolands
Flask of TarShadowed Grub Bats18Dryfoot

Will try to update when I get confirmation (see it for myself or screenshot).
Updated: Mar 27 2022 19:43HR
Updated: Apr 09 2222 22:00HR​
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Hello. If anyone has any screenshot(s) of reagents for the "missing data" part, post it on here and I will add it to the reagent table & chart. I will try to get the missing date before the wipe. If the new beta test build is different, will start with new chart & table or similar. Thank you.
Not sure if it's changed, but Warlord's Rotten Skin and Marshal's Rigid Tar were dropping off Mistcrawlers in NNH for me before the wipe.
I rolled Warlord this time. Haven't tried the Mistcrawlers since they are mostly 2^ or 3^. I do get skins off of the 2 or 3 coons in that zone. Wish there were more of them to hunt than the couple in the area by the wall when you first enter NHN.
Hello. The new zone, The Redshore Forest was added last month, there are more reagents. More so with each new zones added later on. Will try to get some of the info and update the chart to help folks find reagents from said mobs and where they are. Between other projects and gathering info while testing, its going to be a few before I can get around to adding more. For now will add a little here and there when I can.