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Feedback Had a great time!

is this feedback?


New Member
Really hope to see this game get a proper 'finish' put on it and look forward to seeing it grow!

Please do remember your audience, and get the performance issues worked out.
Many that enjoy this type of game prefer content quality over graphics quality,
and no matter how much nostalgic fun there is to be had,
for many it won't warrant having to buy a whole new machine to run it --- just sayin'.
Please don't make the mistake of (possibly severely) limiting your available audience due to graphics requirements...
Other games that have done such at least have housing communities keeping the lights on,
but it's not looking like you guys are going that direction, so do be mindful!

Looking forward to another wild beta weekend if we can get our hands on some keys!
Not laughed so hard in a game in a very long time, thank you for that!

Good hunting all!
Thanks, we've definitely come a long ways already. Each of these events are a great data point on where to optimize more, so we appreciate you coming out and providing that feedback!
Thank you for joining our OPEN BETA! It was a delight to see so many new players experiencing our game for the first time!