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Ravenwolf Silvermoon

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Hello. Have heard some folks talking. Thought I would ask on here. Would it be possible to have a group raid? Multiple groups? What say you?

Mini raid consisting of 2 groups (each having 6 members in it) for mob(s) encounter of +5 chevron? Or 1 group consisting of 7-8 members for a +4 chevron or +5 chevron?

Large raid like, 2-4 group, each group having 6 members in them for +6 or +8/+10 chevron? Or 2-3 groups consisting of 7-8 members for a +6 chevron on up?
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Are raids even planned? I'm not sure how many total dungeons are in the works and if "world bosses" like the troll from Alpha are still a thing.
All of these things are possible, and even likely. However, we have to nail down the base game before we start worrying about the mechanics of how these encounters would work.