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Feedback Gathering professions feedback 1-10

is this feedback?


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Gathered some notes from myself and friends as we have leveled various crafting and gathering professions 1-10. Here is some feedback:


Love the interdependency of each tradeskill on one another, very cool element. Several other games have started with it, but backed off due to population concerns (looking at you EQ2). Engaging and has lead to many discussions, comparisons, etc. Suggestion: Make it so that once you have crafted something, you don't need to have the ingredients to see what it will make the next time. Learned recipes vs new discoveries or something to that effect.


Easy peasy, super easy if you set vegetation density to super low, the nodes just jump off the screen. Definitely the fastest gathering profession to level.


Typical skinning gameplay, love the choice to have to make either meat or leather from carcasses. A bit unrealistic, but this is a fantasy world and there has to be balance. Maybe the ability to make 1 meat, 1 leather as well instead of having to just choose 1.


Ouch. This one is painfully slow. Vegetation density helps again, but this one feels best to just to out level a tier then come back and catch it up. Not really sure what do to here but maybe turn up the xp per node a little bit to account for less nodes than forestry?

holding off on feedback on the crafting professions as I understand there are some changes coming in soon
Hunting is the slowest skill by far to level. Even in a group, its not very good because you have the STA down time and skinning stops you from getting STA. Then the resources from it is not a lot.
Mining is not bad once you start knowing where resources spawn. You get a lot of resources per node. So I think this is in a good place.
Forestry is the fastest to level however, wood is hard to get, so you can level it but wood is a slow resource to get. I think forestry is in a good place.
I don't see wood as that difficult, especially when you get to Meadows. you can get four kinds there. Certain areas of each zone has more wood than others. Just takes a bit to figure those areas out.