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Feedback after 2 days


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environment / graphism
[+++] exterior or dungeon, its really immersive
[+++] characters and mobs are nice

[+++] animation of humans or animals is nice
[---] no animation for the bear when he laze
[---] no animation when a human block an attack

light effect and dark
[+++] generally very good, very immersive
[---] fights in the dark are not a good experience, we see nothing and its frustrating. So there is a ground torch but nobody use it, the group move all time, we cant put 50 ground torch. Suggestion : put and resume the ground torch, and increase duration.

[+++] some are ok (bear, spider)
[---] other are less interesting (rat, rabbit, doe). Who want to kill a rabbit or a doe :-/ ?? Since when a rat is a challenge to fight ? Bandits are interesting but too much. Suggestion : have 1 or 2 other smart monsters, like goblins, orks (use weapon, ask help, can patrol, can be grouped)
bear : problem with their eyes. Animation is good. But when they "stun", it could be more visible : other animation, big noise. First time i believe it was a bug.

fight experience
[+++] animations are good
[---] max combat distance with a mob is too long
[---] no animation on block

skills and cooldowns
Generally i like cooldown only on special strong skills (long CD) and on consumable items, to use only on emergency. It allows to create more random difficulty : most of time we dont use special strong skill/potion, and on a big add you have a chance to success. If there is not this mechanism of rare hot time, the game can be too repetitive.
Suggestion : increase a random difficulty (like more adds sometimes, or a strong mob skill), and to balance add a strong skill with CD long duration (10/15/30 min) : big heal for healer, big damage for DPS, big skill tank for tanks. It will break repetitivity, the players will have to wake up sometimes. A good player will keep his strong skill for hard moments.

fight experience alone
[---] for me it's the biggest problem of the game. I was bored after 1 hour. For players no-newbies looking for a little of challenge, the fight is not exciting : you click on the same skills when cooldown is off, you wait. Sometimes you check your life and if there is a problem you use a potion or heal yourself. The fight is too repetitive, no need concentration during the fight, no need skill player, no need brain.
Suggestion : make the fight reactive to the mob, the player will be more excited if he does the good thing at a good time, he will success the fight. Some ideas in other MMO, DAOC with skills available only of a success blocking, ESO with block skill to block heavy attack of the mob, last oasis or mortal online 2 with positional block.

fight experience in group
[+++] globally ok, in group each player has a role, need a minimum of concentration (puller, tank, assist the main dps, heal/buff, movement of the group ...)
[---] Could be more exciting if the fight reactive to the decisions of the mobs : a new skill tank which increase block skill but cant attack (like in DAOC), positional attacks with better damages (already exist maybe ?), and other suggestions above

[+++] environment is very immersive
[---] At a moment i was a little bored because it become repetitive. Actually its too classic and will be too much repetitive : mobs at a fixed position, you kill them, you move to next mobs, etc. Suggestion : add patrol mobs in the dungeons (a patrol mob with torch could have nice effect in the tunnel), traps, boss with specificity, a key to open a door, and why not a mob which give a big alert and waves of mobs come to the groups during some minutes, which make stop or back the group (like in some sequences of lord of the rings)

never liked the quests because often in the MMO it avoid to play together.
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A positive point : a long time i have looked for a MMO oriented group, i have recently tried the groups in a lot of MMO (albion online, atlas, daoc, ESO, everquest 2, FF XIV, last oasis, neverwinter, new world, planetside 2, skyforge). All these MMO are oriented to play alone at the start / middle game, it's only on planetside 2 that i can group easily, but this MMO is only PvP. For me Embers Adrift is the best MMO PvE to play with other players, i have a lot of hope that this MMO will work, at the condition the choices are done to to have a good community.