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Elloa in vacation


Stormhaven Studios
Elloa -245.png

Hey friends!

This is a personal message to tell you that I will be missing for two weeks.
Therefor there will be no “Weekly Community Show” for those two weeks and I will not be present in game during our tests to organize groups, streaming or even just saying hello.

I’m going to Twitchcon Amsterdam to meet my community and other fellow streamer friends and ressource myself with some streaming motivation and ambition.
The weekend after that, I’m taking part of a LARP in Belgium, which is also the place where I met my partner 3 years ago. We are going to celebrate our 3 years anniversary there!
I’m also very lucky to receive the visit of my friend @rivanarie coming all the way from USA to spent those two weeks with me and sharing all those adventures!

I will be sharing some pictures in this thread to keep you up to date with my IRL adventures!
Take care of yourself and each others!

- Elloa


Stormhaven Studios
Elloa and Rivanarie.jpgIMG20220715174808.jpg

In case it was not clear... I AM BACK!
It has been quite a journey to go to Twitchcon Amsterdam, and then Ragnarok LARP. Both events were amazing and allowed me to meet lots of friends! But the atmosphere was very different in both event.
I've been very disconnected from everything (particularly during the LARP) and now I'm catching back on all things!
As much as it was great to be away, it's also fantastic to be back! However I have learn the importance of going outside and as a Content Creator & Community Manager I have a tendency to forget the outside world! More balance in my life is definitively needed!

In anycase, the Weekly Community Show, streams and groups setup in game are coming back! That, and more! If you have anything to request, suggest or ask, feel free to contact me!