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DPS'n advice

Blyte Plays

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disclaimer.. this is all my opinion and a lot of guess work.. this is also given from a party based DPS perspective, and assuming you are 14+, and wanting to min/max. You can still do great DPS not using this advice!

In the current dynamic...

don't rip threat, try and DPS from the rear position, because the striking class has -threat built in from the rear.
try and do a few DPS abilities early, then wipe the threat from them with fading strike.
turn off attack if you rip threat and the monster is still not in a health range that you can quickly burst them down or you cannot fading strike out of the threat lead.
If you like to DPS with a bow, you also will generate less threat from range, but dont rip aggro from your tank. No one will like chasing after a monster running to you.

positional bonuses matter. pay attention to them. they matter more if you stack +flanking gear.
DMG > HIT > PEN (This of course becomes false when you are dealing with high values of HIT or PEN vs. small values of DMG)
The more flanking bonus you stack, the more true this hierarchy becomes.

it's really nice to have and be shifty on the battle field in the middle of chaotic combats
don't prioritize it, when you can take a lighter piece of gear allowing you to stack more +flanking

you want armor which stacks +flanking, which is light weight, so you can equip more of it.
of course you want gear which adds to DMG, HIT, PEN, & Haste as well.

Warden & Brigand - use a big 2hander + longbow for pulling or taking down longbow monsters. If you don't have a good 2hander, be certain to use your highest damaging 1hander in your main hand. You want high damage/slow weapons because you use abilities to bypass the auto-attack cool down of your weapon. Try and use abilities which have stamina efficient costs to get more mileage in forcing big swings.

Beserker - use a big 2hander in your first weapon selection & dual wield a fast primary weapon coupled with a slow secondary weapon in your second weapon selection. If you must pull, then equip a bow + which ever melee combo is your best. Rotation vs. 3-Chev- 2hander in hand -> wind up on pull -> bleeding strike -> advantage strike -> fading strike -> assault -> swap to dual wield -> que up follow through -> que up fury -> smack smack smack -> back to 2hander -> finish with abilities.

call out targets to coordinate fast take downs & communicate your CCs before you do them
CC 3-Chevs which are defender or healer roles, or striker roles if it will take you a while to prioritize them for take down
prioritize taking down 1s & 2s which are controllers (shreikers, sappers, etc..)
when all 1s & 2s are dropped prioritize 3-Chevs which are Controller >= Striker > Healer > Defender
again.. communicate all your CCs and kill targets
*** 3-Chev longbows, tanks should try their best to build aggro on these and make them a priority to take down as soon as the tank has a sufficient aggro lead; Ideally as the 2nd target take down.

Positional bonuses on two weapons (dual wielding) are not additive. Positional bonuses only effect the weapon they are printed on.
Dual wielding offhand weapon delay is null, your offhand only fires as an unknown percentage chance based off your main hand swings. If you have a 2 second main hand and 5 second offhand, your offhand has a chance to swing every 2 seconds.

haste not only increases your auto attack speed, but also your ability spam speed.

DAGGERS w/ beserkers:
currently I would only reccomend dagger usage on beserker. They are strong on a beserker being the only 2 second delay weapon currently. You want them in your main hand and a strong axe in your offhand. Then you want to que up Follow Through + Furry and compound as much of the additive damage that you can. Don't use Wind Up for your followthru+fury, it is best used with a big two hander and ability spam. Trying to weave in windup with your followthru+fury will delay the start of your auto attack flurries and really just be a wash in damage output. Windup is definitely worth using for big twohander and longbow spam.

That's all for now
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Don't forget that an NPC's threat list is distance weighted meaning that attacking from range will make you less of a target for the same amount of damage!


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Don't forget that an NPC's threat list is distance weighted meaning that attacking from range will make you less of a target for the same amount of damage!
Sorry for very late response. Is this true for distance healing as well?