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Hot Fix December 5th


Stormhaven Studios
  • Fixed a number of stuck spots in Grizzled Peaks, Meadowlands, Northreach, Newhaven City, Grimstone Canyon, Dryfoot, and Dryfoot Stronghold.
  • Fixed a number of collider issues in Grizzled Peaks.
  • Fixed Mountain Elks and Timber Wolves not going Ashen.
  • Fixed typo in Emberweave Boots
  • Fixed Riposte not working against Ashen creatures.
  • Fixed missing shadows on some fence LODs.
  • Fixed issues with overhead nameplates popping in scale.
  • Fixed issues with Brutus' dialogue.
  • Fixed Stalker mobs being too interested in unconscious players.
  • Fixed some map zone line icons not having a tooltip.
  • Restoring glow to glacial weapon visuals.
  • Added Grizzled Peaks to the LFG tag list.
  • Adjusted leash distance and mob distribution around Grizzled Peak's Ember Rings.
  • Increased the size of some halberd visuals by 25%.
  • Allow tool execution time to reach 90% efficiency.
  • High level Augments applied to lower level gear will now temporarily increase the level requirement to equip said piece of gear.
  • When your character is brought into the world (via logging in or zoning) a "NoTarget" flag will be applied for a brief period of time. This flag prevents NPCs from targeting you and AoEs from applying to you (this includes beneficial ones). The goal of this flag is to prevent players from loading into a scene and finding themselves dead before they could react. This flag is removed when one of the following conditions is met:
    • 10 seconds have elapsed
    • your character moves or rotates
    • you execute an ability or consume a consumable.
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The no target flag is great. One thing though is it may work for most EV exits, but the basi ev in dryfoot is a nightmare. I can't recall how many times I got jumped on by 5 or more basilisks and stun locked into death. Would have to wait and see.