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Crashing within a few seconds of loading character.


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AMD RX 580 8Gb GPU
Samsung 980 Pro NVME
Windows 10 fresh install but with Debloat scripts run on it
AMD Adrenaline 22.5.1
2560 x 1440 (32 bit) (75Hz)

I turned everything down to minimum.

The game crashes a few seconds after loading in the world. My computer does not lock up.

It takes down any browser video that is running. It crashes twitch streaming on firefox and chromium.

I switched to integrated graphics on this last run just to see if it was a video card problem, but same result.

Here are some logs from that last attempt. I can upload logs from the rx580 also.

edit: added a dxdiag.txt


  • crash.dmp.txt
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  • embersadrift.log.2.txt
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  • embersadrift.log.txt
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  • DxDiag.txt
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Hi @belarios thanks for the report. I'm not sure why the crashes are happening but these logs point me in the right direction. I unfortunately don't have any immediate fixes :(
Thanks for the reply. Lemme know if I can provide any other info.
Will do! When things calm down a bit in a few hours I recommend trying again at some point. The crash you are experiencing appears to be related to the creation of humanoid characters (of which there are a lot in the starting area due to new folks coming in).
Thanks for the reply. Lemme know if I can provide any other info.
Also - what is your system memory usage right before the crash? I suspect the client is running out of memory and the engine is not catching the error leading to the crash during some allocation steps. I likely have some work to do on bringing the memory footprint down a bit.
At character select it is about 1.4G and in game it is about 4.2G. I have 16G

I was just able to log in and move around for about a minute.

When I tabbed out to post about it in firefox, it crashed my firefox tab and then firefox completely.

It's disturbing the way it can crash other programs.
It's disturbing the way it can crash other programs.
Our app isn’t doing anything outside of trying to run itself. I suspect Firefox and our game were competing for resources which caused your tab to crash. Basically sounds like there is some sort of crash in the video driver that multiple apps are using.
Thank you very much for :
1. testing the game
2. reporting your issues

I can not help you personally (unfotunately) but I hope some fixes/some solutions are coming soon. Take care!
Thank you very much for :
1. testing the game
2. reporting your issues

I can not help you personally (unfotunately) but I hope some fixes/some solutions are coming soon. Take care!
Thanks for the great stream. It's very informative.
@belarios - Just from reading, and in case you hadn't done so already, I'd first recommend that you eliminate anything "video" related running in the background. Just my $.02, not that you asked. If you're capturing your play sessions, close all of that software and shut down any of its background services (if possible). I know that the AMD software and drivers for graphics cards enables gaming overlays by default (I've had an RX580 or three in my day), so I'd get the overlay and software capture stuff turned off. As noted by @Undone, if Firefox and the game are crashing, together, perhaps it's not actually the game. Your issue could be something that impacts them both...but may not actually be either. Got Discord/Steam/Epic/EA etc. running in the background? I'd stop/close those too.

Besides that, let me sound like HPE support...have you done firmware and driver updates, recently? Dumb, I know. However, I also know that MSI offers a software update solution to make it easy (they offer a few, actually). I believe the MSI Center (navigating to Support > Live Update) is one of the most recent and it will review your motherboard for firmware and drivers. Personally, I like to look at the versions of chips on the board and download from the manufacturer when I can, but sometimes that's also a problem - a driver one or more revisions back, certified by the manufacturer, can make a huge difference. Speaking of one revision back, same could go for your graphics card's software and drivers. In infrastructure engineering we like to call this N-1. Sure, it's not the latest, but there are edged that cut and then there are edges that cause bleeding.

Anyways, it's been a fun game so far, hate to hear about crashes w/o an immediate solution. I see you know how to pull logs, run WINE, and provide stats, so you are probably more savvy that I'm giving proper credit, so forgive the basic nature of my suggestions.
I was able to log in reliably in Windows 10 on low settings this weekend with only a couple crashes over several hours. Switching to "Medium quality" was an instant crash to desktop or machine lockup. Otherwise I was getting 20 to 40 fps in open world zones depending on tree density and 50 to 60 in caves with my rx580. You might want to default to low settings and then direct people to raise the quality manually.

I did remove all the AMD software with the factory reset option and did a drivers only install of the latest "optional" version, 22.8.1.

Thanks for the info @Battlestorm. That's all appropriate advice for a forum sticky.

I'm sure the problem is as you say @Undone. Something in the AMD driver or AMD software that is crashing both the game and video rendering. Linux is my daily driver, but I believe Firefox in windows enables hardware video decoding by default now.

It might be that removing the AMD control panel software did the trick, or the updated driver, or something else.

My performance on linux/wine was pretty similar. I had an issue in linux/wine where tabbing out and tabbing back would fail to recapture the mouse and I'd have to reload the game to have control. Turning on the virtual desktop in winecfg solved that problem. Then I had an issue with the mouse jumping around. I turned down the polling frequency of my mouse from 1000ms to 250ms and that solved that issue. The interwebs says both of those are known issues with Unity under linux/wine.

Great work so far on the game. I had fun.

Edit: I spoke too soon on the mouse jumping. Polling 125ms and still jumps. The search continues.
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