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Community Towards Supports/Healers?


New Member
Hail and well met, all.

Question regarding community attitudes towards the Support/Healer classes... in many an MMO Healers catch a metric crap ton of vitriol and invective for deaths, wipes, etc.

I've been playing a Healer in a ton of MMOs since EQ1, and pretty much since the WoW era started, Healers in every MMO catch a ton of crap and blame... it's made me only want to heal for folks I know/guildies/etc, or simply stop playing in groups altogether... which is annoying since I do enjoy grouping and meeting folks.

Yes, sometimes it's my fault, though I'm seasoned enough that it's not often my fault, but I do, every Support/Healer does, screw up at times.

So, honest answer please... do Support/Healers in this game catch a bunch of hatred in general,even if the death/wioe is their fault?

Thank you for your time and thoughts.

Take care,
Rokal, Newbie Wannabe Support Player
Level 25 sentinel (supporter) main here -- I have yet to experience anything like this in Embers Adrift, though I am familiar with it from a variety of other MMOs. I don't know that I've really seen much wipe-blaming at all though. What I most often hear is an acknowledgement of why it happened -- "repops got us" "overpull" "we should have pulled back more' or whatever -- and then get on with recovery. There are probably some jerks out there, but most people seem to make different choices about how to treat each other, and I appreciate that.