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Big Spider & Brave Adventurers

Ravenwolf Silvermoon

Active Member
I actually liked the model. Was impressive with how it looked and acted. The drop I forget, one of the group member won it. I dont remember if it jumped on one of us, but it really was impressive running into it, at least for me. Kudos on that lol. Think it was a glove of some sort, thought I took screenshot but I didn't.
It did web often which I liked, kept the group busy. Though I think the poison effect could last longer. The strength is about right, not too strong to instantly kill off a character, but enough to keep the supporter and others busy if group don't watch their actions and health.

This screenshot here, now as I am looking at it, reminds me of AD&D and Pathfinder table top settings. Four characters in the wilderness, a dwarf warrior, an elven ranger, a halfling rogue, and a human bard/caster type lol.