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Ability Queue and Target Timing


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An ability queue would be nice so that if you hit a button half a second before the cooldown expires, it will fire after the cooldown. I remember when they put this in EQ and it made button pressing flow better. You don't have to stare at the ability bar to make sure you didn't hit the button early.

Also it seems that abilities fire on the target you have when the ability finishes casting. As a healer, it's more natural the other way around. I want to cast first aid on a tank and then switch my defensive target while it's casting to the next heal target, but have the first aid land on the tank and not on the second target.
Also as a healer, it would be nice to have myself in the group window and hide the self unit. That way I can watch the health bars of all six people at once in one place.
I think my expectations would be the same around targeting the next target immediately.