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A word of apolgy from Elloa, concerning forum moderation


Stormhaven Studios
Dear community,
And in particular @MadnataS, @Xavure and @Eryola,

This is an apology for the way I have moderated the last few problematic threads. It is very visible that you guys have strong feelings about it. I would like to give you some explanations, not to defend myself, but so you can understand my logic, and that it was not ill intended. I may have done an error of judgment, or taken shortcuts, but my goal was not to censor you.
In any case, I present you my sincere apologies if you felt like I was trying to shush you. I actually feel pretty bad about this whole story.

First of all it is me, and me only who moderated the threads. It’s no one else in the studio, so you can place the blame entirely upon me.

I really hate moderate disputes. Everytime I see a thread turning sour, with personal insults, accusations, and all the negativity that goes with it, it slowly kills me inside. Or it feels like it.
So yesterday, when I saw another interesting feedback thread taking that turn, with arrogant, condescending comments and personal insults to other players, I really got annoyed (to not use stronger terms).
I had 2 other threads that I had put away, to read and curate. My first idea was to read every posts, and carefully removing the bad comments one by one. But I felt super overwhelmed with the task. To read each post, to make decisions for each post, deciding which comments can stay, which comments need to be removed. It felt like such a waste of time and energy. I honestly have more useful things to do for the community.

So I took a shortcut. Copied the first message, so you guys can continue the discussion and the work of the original poster is saved, and all the shit show is removed.
The posts are saved in the archives, with all comments, including the nasty ones, for the Devs to read and discuss.They are not gone. But the insult to other players, the calumnies, the nasty stuff is not for you to see anymore.

As a reminder: insult, fights, disputes, name calling, false accusations, are not permitted. Use the forums to share your opinion, expose your point of view, even controversial with respect. If you disagree with someone, do it with respect.

I will be more patient and moderate posts in a less rushed way.

Thank you for reading.
I understand why you did it and that's fine with me. I feel like the main purpose of theses posts were getting out of control as well and I'm glad you did that.
Don't feel bad about it, moderation suck, but is needed when it's getting disrespectful.
People have strong opinions and that's fine, I get myself overreacting as well from time to time, but we do need to respect each others.
And for that matter, If any of you felt disrespected by some of my replies, I apologize for that.