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Would you use a message board if the game provided one in game?


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I was thinking it would be nice to have a message board in town for people and guilds to post messages to other players.

An example might be " The guild The Wildland Warriors will be helping all who need it, finish their hunters quest in Northreach on Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm Eastern US time "

Another example might be " Hi my characters name is Phenious and I need to group or find a guild that primarily plays during the time of 1 am to 5 am Western US time "

Another example " level 15 Sentinel and level 15 Brigand will be forming a group to complete all quest in the Meadowlands tomorrow at 6 pm Central US time come join us "

One more example " The guild " The Emberlords are doing a scavenger hunt on Sunday from 11 am to 1 am Eastern US time starting in Newhaven Valley and ending in Dryfoot. Prizes and coin will be rewarded. Come join us and have some fun meeting other players and seeing the zones . Rules will be explained at 10:45 am sharp! "

You get the idea. Have a date and time the post was made as well as the name of the character posting it and if the developers wanted to they could even make it to where it cost a few copper to post a message. This way you or a guild could setup future events or meetings without relying solely on being on at the right time in the right place and hope people see your messages in chat.

A few simple rules such as this is not to be used for trading although you might be able to announce a trade fair but not individual items. No personal attacks may be posted. Game related post only. etc. etc.

Would anyone be interested in this? Of course it would be entirely up to the Devs but I think something like this could really benefit the game and greatly help in the creation of player ran events.
I would rather have a better matchmaking tool within the "O" hotkey that can be accessed anywhere with the things you're suggesting. It's just already annoying needing to go back to town for the shared stash, I don't want to be on the other side of the world just come back all the way back to see what's going on.

We need to stop with the running back and forth.