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Which toon should I activate?


So I am now able to play without a subscription. Thank you very much, I play too sporadically now to justify it to myself.
But I have to choose. When I played from Beta and during live I got a Marshall to 17, a Duelist to 17 and a Berserker to 19. As I am still likely to play very sporadically, which character should I activate?
I know that the Duelist is not very good solo, the Marshall only slightly better, so I am leaning towards the Bers, but if I am going to solo much, should I also respec back to a Warden? I was a warden until I realized the Bers was doing much more damage (switched at like level 12), and then of course they rebalanced the Warden to make it more comparable. Looking for input, thanks!
My duelist is level 21, not my main, and I think they can solo quite well.

Not a dps class but with the dot, weapon proc, and other abilities I think the dps is okay; and of course they can heal themselves which means they can survive fights non-support classes couldn't.
As you willbe playing a single character, I would really recommand you to play what you enjoy most.
There is lots of group forming, so you should not find yourself too much in difficulty to find a group!
Hey I recently saw the email about the game going buy to play with optional sub and I'm kind of having the same issue. I was thinking about returning to check the game out and making a new character to see what all has changed. But I also don't really want to delete the level 20+ I already have. But if I make a new character and don't like them I don't even have my other character to fall back on.

Would it be possible to give people 2 character slots instead of just 1?